Bob's comment inspires me to say something about volunteerism:  one of the greatest things about a small town is that it’s really so much easier to have an impact in an area you care about, without big city bureaucracy to deal with.  The Tree of Lights is a great example:  3 ladies decided to do something, made it happen and have created not only a source for supporting the rescue squad but a wonderful annual event that's one of the high points of living in Watchung, for 27 years now! How much have we all benefitted from their creativity and energy!!! Another example is Bob Scalera - he decided to start this page (Watchung Neighborhood Network), but has additional long history of participating in the Rescue Squad and Fire Department. Look at the impact single individuals have had on our lives. We have a long history of volunteerism.  Do you know people in the community gathered rocks to build the chapel at Wilson Memorial Church?   And there are many, many others who have really shaped the fabric of life in Watchung with their commitment to volunteerism since the town began.  

Bob's point to Kevin was to please consider volunteering with the rescue squad.  And I would like to add to that:  whatever your interest or skill set is, please make this the year you sign up to contribute to Watchung life!  Now's the time to sign up for committees.  Contact town hall or whatever group you're interested in joining.  

If you have a big gripe about something, you can be part of the solution, not just kvetch about it on facebook. We talk about our kids being entitled, but maybe we slip into that mind set  sometimes too.   Care about the schools?  Get involved in PTO or WEF.  I'm always recruiting for Watchung Boy Scout Troop 32 - you want to actively mold your kid's character, this is one great way to do it!  Little League, Girl Scouts, fire department, rescue squad, recreation committee, beautification committee, Garden Club, - please - jump in!

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Small towns depend on volunteers, we need them.  Do you know what would happen to your taxes if we had to have a paid fire department?  All the volunteers on various committees and non-profit groups make our town the great place it is to live.  

An old sixties saying comes to mind:  If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.  

Watchung needs YOU - with your specific life experience and talents and energy.