Dear Editor,

As a Hawthorne resident for nearly 50 years and a recent retiree who taught at St. Anthony's School in town, I'm excited to step up and run for council, and put into action the lessons I've taught to many students over the years. I'm looking forward to applying my skills and experiences to advocating for the residents of Hawthorne, both as a candidate, and if I am honored to be elected, as a Councilwoman.

Having dedicated my life to instilling the importance of civics and history to students, I know that there are many similarities to teaching and governing: listening to each other, treating each other with respect, keeping an open mind, learning from each other, and fostering a commitment to building a better community through our government.

Our town is becoming increasingly diverse, and this is something we should all celebrate.  Hawthorne is a wonderful tapestry of different ages, cultures, religions, beliefs, and backgrounds. I will be an advocate for all residents - from our youngest to our vibrant senior community - and I'm looking forward to the coming months as our team shares our platform, vision, and ideas for Hawthorne.

Primary Day is Tuesday, June 8th, and I encourage all residents to fulfill our civic responsibility by voting, either in-person at the polls or through Vote-By-Mail.  I humbly ask all Democrats, and unaffiliated voters, to support our Team Hawthorne Democrats 2021 slate, on Row A of the Democratic primary ballot.



Ann Marie Peterson

Council-at-Large Candidate