The political season is upon us once again and once again our town’s Republican Party has chosen to go low.

In 2017, Republican leadership sent mailers exploiting bigotry and hate by depicting minority Democratic Town Board candidates as second-class citizens, drawing upon anti-Semitic imagery, and implying that undocumented immigrants were inundating our town. This year, there are false claims that our town is giving sanctuary to undocumented, criminal immigrants.

Undaunted by the backlash against their malevolent and inflammatory rhetoric that brought in a new administration that champions transparency and respect for all viewpoints, they are finding new ways to try to score cheap political points.

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Recently, Yorktown Republican leadership shamelessly exploited the iconic milk carton photos of missing and exploited children, suggesting that business development ideas are missing from Supervisor Gilbert’s administration. Instead of presenting a viable plan of their own, the Republican leadership misquotes a news article and misrepresents what the article was saying by twisting words.

As just one example of Supervisor Gilbert’s commitment to business development, he commissioned a bipartisan team of respected Yorktown professionals and business people as well as the Small Business Association and the Chamber of Commerce to develop a detailed economic revitalization plan which was unanimously approved by the Town Board.

Trivializing the milk carton photo, a long recognized and impactful method of bringing attention to those who desperately need it—the most vulnerable children—is shameful and proof positive of what is missing from the Republican Party of 2019: real ideas, a willingness to have a substantive debate about the future of our beloved town, and the basic decency that should be demanded of any political party or institution.

The administration of Supervisor Gilbert has worked long and hard to champion inclusion, transparency, and respect for all viewpoints and all the people of Yorktown.