Dear Editor:

I am interested in running for the available At-Large City Council seat because I believe in the strong future of Plainfield, and in our community’s potential as a culture-centric, safe, forward-thinking city, a beacon of economic strength, quality of life, and a trendsetter with the adoption of our new Master Plan. Plainfield should be a place where residents of all ages and backgrounds  want to live, study, work, raise a family, and retire. We should also be a city that takes a leadership role in New Jersey, because the future of Plainfield and of our state are undeniably intertwined.

I continue to serve and empower my community as I have been doing since 2007. All of my efforts, my volunteerism, my outreach, mentoring, organizing events, feeding our citizens, helping my fellow parents find solutions to demand excellence from our children. I believe all the information referenced in my bio is something that anyone is capable of and I do it simply because I feel it should be done. As a public servant, I would think that this is something that you are expected to do without being asked. All that I do for my community is because I want the absolute best for my community and I think that is what we all want. Some of us may have different ways of supporting and uplifting everyone around us by only uplifting a chosen few. My upbringing puts me in a unique position to be able to relate to the struggles and challenges within our community. So, there is no standout here because I’m just simply doing what I enjoy.

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My “WOW” factor is I am not afraid to be myself, and that is how I earned the name “Mr. Plainfield”.

I will reach out to every stakeholder, leader, and organization within our town. I will host meet & greets, town halls, and I will sit with anyone who wishes to share their concerns and stories with me. I will always offer seats at the table when engaging with the whole community. It is my job to understand the needs of the whole community, not just a few. I will not leave any group out, I will meet with residents of all ages, all ethnic backgrounds, and all income brackets. I will never assume that one person speaks for everyone, and I will do whatever it takes to make for certain that I understand everyone’s expectations of me.

Yours Truly and For Your Consideration,.

Robert K. Graham

1st Ward District Leader