I am writing this article to try and stop the legalization and sale of recreational marijuana.

Marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to drug addiction. It is very hard for a drug addict to stop using drugs. It brings misery and heartache not only to the drug addict but to the entire family.

President Trump knows this and is trying to stop drugs from coming into our country. It makes no sense to legalize drugs. Our police officers know this. Unfortunately, we already have Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Do we really want to have Mothers Against Stoned Drivers as well?

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Gov. Cuomo wants to legalize marijuana for tax relief. Let him find tax relief elsewhere.

I encourage you to write Gov. Cuomo, Sen. Harckham and other legislators to say no to marijuana. You can easily do this by contacting them on the internet. You can make a difference.

Legalizing marijuana would be a detriment to our society. We need to teach our kids to get high on life, not high on drugs.