Dear Editor:

Just a reminder to continue to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing, wearing a mask as necessary, washing your hands frequently, etc. Also, please get a seasonal flu shot, if you have not already. Let's avoid the double whammy of the COVID-19 virus and the normal seasonal flu. Both can be deadly!!

As the chart below indicates, we continue to have a low instance of test positive COVID-19 cases; and even more important, we have not had a death in nearly four months. These good results include the increase in testing that is taking place, including the approximately 1000 people who were tested by the Union County mobile testing unit at the South Side Fire station over the last few weeks. I understand the majority tested at the fire station were Scotch Plains residents.

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Use good judgement and avoid situations where you believe you may be exposed to the virus, and take the appropriate steps if you believe you have been exposed to the virus: self-quarantining, getting tested and seeking the advice of your medical professional. As you feel comfortable, please continue to patronize our local business. I know they are working hard to follow the rules and keep you safe.

We will get through this. Stay safe!!

Mayor Al Smith
Scotch Plains, NJ