Dear Editor:

My wife and I have been Scotch Plains residents for 45 years, It has been an absolutely wonderful town in which to raise our family and remains one of the most comfortable, safe and bucolic havens in our "Golden Years.". Many newcomers to our very special town may not be aware of its rich history and the changes it has experienced through the years. I gently suggest that they spend a little time learning about it from grateful and appreciative "old timers" like we are.

One person who really made a difference in our lives was former Mayor Gabe Spera!  You will never meet a finer gentleman, loving husband and father, stronger leader, more loyal friend and fiercer warrior for the people of Scotch Plains. Gabe loved, and, at age 85, still loves, Scotch Plains and Scotch Plains loves him! Our town is going to face some turbulent and challenging times in the upcoming years but its values, traditions and heritage will never falter. We need a man like Gabe Spera again.

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Did I say earlier that you will never meet a man like Gabe?  Allow me to correct myself: Ted Spera is a man raised in the sterling image of his wonderful dad! Ted is precisely the person I believe Scotch Plains needs on the Town Council if we are to survive, compete and prosper in the tough, but exciting, days ahead.

Mayor Al Smith knows that Ted has all the attributes, acumen, courage and dedication needed to keep Scotch Plains one of the BEST places to live on this planet! 

Please take my heartfelt advice and VOTE SMITH-SPERA. Kindly encourage your friends and family to join you! You will be doing what is best for you, your family and all of us in Scotch Plains.

Thanks for caring!  

John Zarelli