A good friend once told me to "take the best out of the day." I often think about that advice - more so now than ever. The coronavirus has forced us to mentally shift how we interact as humans with each other. It’s said that “out of every crisis something good comes; virtual space has become our new emotional connection with family, friends, and the world. We are finding new ways to stay inspired and adapt to a new normalized world. 

I must admit working from home has given me a greater appreciation for my sense of time and perspective. How am I choosing to spend this precious gift of all; time. This pandemic forces us to confront our mortality. What will you do with your precious time? My new routine consists of; Sunday morning stretches with family over Zoom, also work meetings over Zoom and more time on social media. But who knew; I would find my solace and sense of peace just sitting in the living room.

The Living Room

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The living room transformed into my new makeshift office. A space unused with lots of sunlight, the best views of nature, and a charming antique desk. I love my Mom’s old antique desk – it has a special meaning and now a new purpose. Rearranging the furniture was all it took to inspire new ideas and motivation. The view of the cherry blossoms was truly a blessing. This new space mimics how I feel every morning, which is a grateful heart.  The new arrangement is not realtor staged; it won’t appeal to prospective homebuyers but my heart is sold on the view alone and that’s all that matters.  

In this new quiet space, I’m developing new habits. The thirst for learning and reading has increased. I’m thinking of and trying new things - I never got a chance to do. Like writing this post.

As we all are looking forward to better days ahead and a time when things will feel somewhat back to the old normal; I wonder if that will ever exist anymore. This pandemic too shall pass; just like others before, and while we all wait – please; let's find a meaningful way to give back to humanity, your community, and more importantly yourself - even if it’s just a grateful heart. 

Every morning as I sit at Mom’s desk working with just my laptop, staring at nature - I’m reminded of the quote by Pablo Picasso: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.

Wishing everyone a sense of peace, calm, and a quiet space.

God Bless and Be Safe!