Editor's Note: We are publishing this letter with the permission of the author's father, Shaun Faulds. The township meeting she references is the one held by the planning board on the Compass Point Project.

To the Editor,

Hi, I am Kyra Faulds and I am in Scouts of America (BSA). I have lived in Barnegat all my life. At 12 years old, I am working on my citizenship in the community, and I needed to go to a township meeting. I thought it was going to be fun at first.

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 As the people in the meeting were talking, they realized they still have a lot of things to fix. First, they do not have many permits yet.  They have a paper that says they researched about the animals - but it’s from 2014.  They said they did not see any endangered species but it wasn’t from recently.

 At the end of the meeting, they opened up to the public and the first two questions from the community were fine. But, the third person said he knew a lot about the flaws and failures of the developer. He said he knew about the fails in other states.

The developer never looked at the speaker or us in the eye. He always smiled and laughed. He avoided all the questions and refused to answer. All he would do was smile and stare straight ahead. It was frustrating that he wouldn’t answer any question.

When the guy talking was asking questions and sharing knowledge about the developer, the board got angry at him. They wouldn’t let him talk and got mad. They ended the meeting early without letting me talk.

 We still had 15 minutes left til it was supposed to end. I said that I had the right to speak, and they didn’t care. They just asked us all to leave. I didn’t want to leave because they were taking my rights away. They acted like little kids throwing a temper tantrum. This is not right and should be brought to everyone’s attention.


Kyra Faulds