I am writing to express my ardent support for Chris Carey, Joanne Veech and Lance Tkacs for Randolph Township Council in the November election.  It is their stewardship and guidance on the council in recent years, together with the rest of the council, Town Manager and Finance chief that has enabled Randolph to maintain a high quality of life and strong financial foundation.  Randolph was awarded a triple A rating by Standard and Poor’s in 2010.  It is essential that Council members Carey, Veech and Tkacs are re-elected to maintain that top financial rating.  Given the continued economic uncertainty as a consequence of the Corona virus, this is a time to continue the essential leadership of these council members.  I know and have worked with all of them going back to my time on the council from 2002- 2012, and experienced firsthand their work on behalf of Randolph, on the council and various committees.  Randolph needs their collective professional and council experience now more than ever.


Trina Ruane Mitsch