My experience through the journalism club at Randolph High School through Tapinto Randolph’s online newspaper has been incredible. Researching and writing pieces based on activities in which I’ve also had the privilege to participate has been an amazing adventure to be a part of.

 I am especially grateful to all of the outstanding teachers who gave their time to make these activities occur and the spectacular editors who made these articles possible. 

Many people in this world don’t have the same opportunity to express their creativity through writing. I am so blessed that I have had the chance to share my thoughts through this beautiful and elegant club. 

Not to mention, I feel the articles that I’ve been able to write and publish thanks to this organization have allowed me to share my unique perspective on these unique performances and events. 

Having composed several stories on some of the RHS’s co- and extra-curricular clubs, including marching band, speech and debate, and dance, I love that I was able to publish pieces on such diverse school groups. 

As I stated before, I want to thank all of the teachers who have made all of these wonderful occasions possible, but I would especially  like to thank my kind and thoughtful editors, Wendi Manderioli at TAP and Janice Finnell at RHS for allowing and giving me this gift of exploring the fascinating and intriguing world of journalism. 

Sean Wattman is a senior at Randolph High School who is participating in a journalism program with TAPinto Randolph.