Team Lane 2021

Leading Hawthorne into the Future

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Mayor Richard Goldberg has decided to retire. That does not mean, however, that the tremendous progress Hawthorne has made under his stewardship must end. With his endorsement and the support of the Hawthorne Regular Republican Organization (HRRO), Councilman John Lane has agreed to step up and run for Mayor. Running with him for the three Council-at-Large seats this year will be incumbent Councilmen Bruce Bennett and Dominic Mele, and lifelong resident and Zoning Board member Anna Marie Sasso.

Together with Mayor Goldberg, this team of dedicated public servants worked hard to bring about the sense of unity and integrity that has come to define Hawthorne's governing body for the last two decades. Their experience and leadership have helped get Hawthorne through some of its biggest challenges, from Super Storm Sandy through the current COVID pandemic. And now they’re asking for your support to help keep Hawthorne moving forward into the future.

On June 8, Team Lane will face a primary challenge from people who think Hawthorne needs to “change.” Change how? For the last six years, annual tax increases have been less than 2-percent, some of the lowest in the borough’s history. Meanwhile, the level of services that contribute to our quality of life in Hawthorne—police protection, well-maintained streets and roads, and state-of-the-art firefighting equipment—have actually increased. A new, more sanitary HVAC system has been installed in borough hall to protect the health of employees and residents alike, a revamped traffic unit within the police department will focus on decreasing speeding and increasing pedestrian safety, and new storm water management laws protect our health and safety. Do you really want things like that to change?

If not, we need you to do one thing. Please make every effort on June 8 to cast your ballot for John Lane, Dominic Mele, Anna Marie Sasso and Bruce Bennett. That’s all it will take to ensure that their proven leadership can continue working together to guide Hawthorne into the future.

Like you, we love Hawthorne and we want to see it continue to be safe and community-oriented as it is today.


John Lane  

Dominic Mele 

Anna Marie Sasso

Bruce Bennett

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