Dear Editor:

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Weekend. I attended this year’s rescheduled Thanksgiving game between Paterson Kennedy and Paterson Eastside. I must say that I was very proud of the execution of the Thanksgiving game plan by Paterson Public School administration.The fans all enjoyed a well-played game in complete safety inside and outside the field. 

The planning of an event takes a spirit of cooperation and coordination between multiple departments and agencies. The event required coordination between the two high schools, their respective security teams, and Paterson police. The results of the planning and execution were evident by the safety of the fans inside and outside the field. 

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The planning and execution of the Thanksgiving plan were coordinated by Principal Gerald Glisson from Eastside, Head of Security Robert Silva from Eastside and Athletic Director Scott Durham from Kennedy.  

These three administrators not only made Paterson Public School look good, but they also made the entire city of Paterson look good.

Unfortunately, good deeds are sometimes unnoticed however, as a resident of Paterson and father of a Paterson Public School student, I wanted to acknowledge Principal Gerald Glisson, Head of Security Robert Silva,and  Athletic Director Scott Durham for their outstanding work.


 Vincent Arrington