Just wanted to give a huge thank you to Piscataway Police. Tonight my phone alerted me there was activity going on in my backyard. Turns out, it seems like someone was trying to break into my work truck. 

I can't thank PPD's response time and professionalism enough! Once called, I would say the response time was no longer than 3 minutes. If the thieves had been successful in robbing my truck, I would be out of business with no means of providing for my family. 

Thank you gentlemen for your help! Thank you for putting on that uniform every day and protecting the American citizens you swore oath to do, knowing that there is a red x on your back and still doing what you promised to do when you took the oath. 

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Kudos gentlemen you are loved by the people. We the people support you. 

However, there are some that don't, just like not all police officers have a perfect record. You do have many supporters and that will never change! 

So, thank you to you incredible, brave individuals again! Thank you all for saving my means of being able to keep food in my children's stomachs and keeping my electricity on. I personally can't thank you by any means for that in my lifetime! 

Keep your faith in the American people, our faith is in you! Please be safe during these challenging times. 

Again I wish I could somehow repay you. True Americans have your 6! I am a true American! God bless every one of you!