Webster says a good steward is “one that takes care of people and things, a respected representative, managing property or financial affairs.”

That’s our Tim Idoni, Westchester County clerk, leader of the department that keeps all county records and documents. Now he needs YOUR vote to help re-elect him in a Democratic primary this June 22.

Perhaps not as well-known as some other local primary races this June, but the county clerk primary is very important for all Democrats (especially for Lewisboro; it’s the ONLY Democratic June primary).

Why is Tim a good steward? By modernizing services and cutting costs, his department has produced a SURPLUS every year, saving us TAXPAYERS over time, of more than $37 million!

How many departments can say that?

That surplus was then put to good use helping veterans and others in need of social services. And Tim has done so much more. He has promoted women to now hold a majority of top management positions, expanded mobile services, digitized court and land records, and even developed a website in over 100 languages.

Would you believe we’ve had a Westchester County Clerk’s Office since 1683 (oldest elected office in Westchester)?

NOW, in 2021, we are fortunate to have Tim Idoni’s leadership in providing this needed county clerks service to us, while saving taxpayers millions!

I urge all Democrats to VOTE Tuesday, June 22, for Tim Idoni, our good Westchester steward!