I’m not one to write letters like this, much less share them publicly, but my friend Kristine Morieko is running for Mayor and I have insight I feel is important to share. 

Often when candidates run for office, the public only gets to see a certain perspective.  I have been fortunate enough to not only know Kristine as Council President and Mayoral candidate but also as a good friend.  So when I encourage you to vote for her, it is because I know the woman behind the politics and I am certain she will serve our town well.  

I met Kristine four years ago when our kids became instant best buddies in pre-k.  I’ve been at her house when she’s hosted playdates and doesn’t miss a beat when someone needs her from town, or work. She makes herself available to help at the drop of a hat, while still remaining an AMAZING mother, wife, friend and neighbor.  People sometimes say they don’t know how she does it all. I often wonder the same. She is a master at multitasking, yet nothing is done half-heartedly. She loves the community she has always called home, and I am so proud of the work she has done for the town I love so dearly.

No matter your political affiliation, if Kristine is our Mayor, your voice will be heard and your opinions will matter. I hope you will consider voting for my friend and neighbor, Kristine, on November 5.  She is exactly what Glen Rock needs.