As a 16+ year resident of Warren Township, I applaud the fine job and selflessness of those who have served on our town council and the work they've done to make our town an ideal place to live: keeping taxes in check, maintaining a top-of-the-line school system, preserving land for open space and providing safe and well-maintained recreational areas for all of our residents. When things are going well, however, we tend to become apathetic and accept business as usual. The town council's responsibilities go well beyond all that I've mentioned however, and any government left it municipal, state or federal.. is never good for it's constituents. We're witnessing that right now in Washington.

Challenging, energetic and NEW voices are needed to insure all citizens are fairly represented. Despite our political differences, we're all Warrenites. We're all Americans.

Attending town council meetings, I've seen that challenging, energetic voice in resident Rick de Pinho, and when he speaks, he speaks for all of us. Questioning expenditures, working hard to insure transparency in our local government...spending his free time doing the work many of us can't be bothered or are un-inclined to do.

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As a long-time Republican turned Independent, I urge all Warren residents that want their voices to be heard to vote for Rick de Pinho for Warren Township Committee.

It's time for new voices and fresh ideas in Warren Township. It's time to do all we can to maintain the excellent quality of life we've come to enjoy.


Jonathan Wolfson

9 Wilshire Road

Warren Township