As a resident for the past 5 years I have made known my concerns to the council and Mayor. Last year was the first time they did something about an issue with high grass in my neighborhood.  It took 4 years to get something done. Now in year 5 the grass is 2 feet high. The answer is give us a call we will get it taken care of. 

As a home owner it should not be my responsibly nor any home owners responsibly to call the mayor or council when you have a concern. With new families in our neighborhood with many children it not only becomes a pain but it becomes a health hazard especially when it is bordering a park. 

Just because someone is a big donor when it comes to campaigns, this does not give them special treatment. When I heard this I blew my top. We all put our pants on the same way.

I don't care someone pays tons of tax dollars. Does that mean our tax dollars are not as important? Let's get the owner of the property to clean it up and not wait till they get notice after notice.