Plainfield is at a pivotal time in our history; we can move forward to success or move backward and fail.

 Before I share with you why I support Mayor Adrian O Mapp on his re-election for Mayor of our great city I am going to briefly share a little about myself. I’m a hard-working homeowner that love and care about this city. I’m not a politician nor do I want to be one, and I absolutely do not work for the city. I’ve had the same job in the private sector for the last 32 years and a realtor for the last 26 years.  A little over five years ago I was appointed by the Mayor and approved by the city council after presenting my resume to sit on the board of the PMUA, I was re-appointed last year.  I have one vote along with the other 4 voting members. I wasn’t born in Plainfield, nor was I educated in the Plainfield school system but, that doesn’t negate the fact that I only want the very best for this city.   Plainfield is where I choose to call home, and for the first time in a long time I can honestly say that I am proud to live in Plainfield, thank you, Mayor Mapp for making that possible.

The only reward I stand to gain by supporting the re-election of Mayor Mapp is good governance and the quality of life we all deserve to have.

As we all know, for far too long Plainfield had a bad reputation and anyone that didn’t dwell here had the perception that Plainfield was this horrible place to live and raise children.  Because of all the hard work, vision, perseverance, and intelligence Mayor Mapp was able to change the narrative of Plainfield.  For the first time in a long time we have people of all ethnic groups and financial status moving here. 

Mayor Mapp has successfully established relationships with State Leaders who can provide much needed resources for Plainfield, and they have.   Mayor Mapp has successfully made Plainfield a city that developers and business owners feel confident enough to invest hundreds of millions of dollars with the knowledge  that Plainfield is a good and safe place to do business.  Mayor Mapp has successfully brought in more development in the last 3 years than I’ve seen in my 45 years of living here. He’s paved more streets in the last 4 years than any other Mayor that I know of. 

Mayor Mapp and his administration successfully made certain that our Moody Rating was at the best possible level, allowing the city to bond for capital improvements at the lowest possible rates.  Mayor Mapp is good for Plainfield and if there is one thing I know, Adrian Mapp the man, truly cares about this city and the residents. Who can argue with no property tax increase two years in a row, not I!

Now to address some myths – No Mayor Mapp have not allowed any developer to get away without paying their fair share of property taxes.  By offering developers a PILOT does not mean they don’t pay taxes.  Simply put, it’s just calculated a little different from normal but over the full terms of the PILOT they will have paid more taxes than if the property stayed as it was, undeveloped. 

The idea that all you see is apartments going up right now doesn’t mean other new businesses are not in the works, if you ever attended a planning board meeting you would know there is.

No, Mayor Mapp does not control the so-called “majority of the vote on the school board”, unfortunately that is still controlled by John Campbell and Richard Wyatt. Considering the school board is a separate entity from the city with their own budget (that’s 3 times the amount of the city budget), the Mayor has very little say about the status of our schools. That needs to change.

Plainfield has spent millions of dollars improving our recreational facilities with more improvements to come for our youths to enjoy.

The fact is Plainfield has come a long way, and we still have a way to go. We need a leader that has a proven track record of accomplishments, experience, and strong leadership skills.   We need to stay the course.

 I look forward to seeing all the good things that are yet to come under the leadership of Mayor Mapp.