WARREN, NJ - The challenge was issued. For every book purchased at the Warren Middle School Book Fair, the students earned a piece of duct tape to stick Dean of Students Max Achtau and Principal George Villar to the cafeteria wall on Friday.

Cheered on by classmates, peer leaders, parent food day volunteers, teachers, and staff, the sixth grade used pieces of duct tape to affix Achtau to the wall and a cheer could be heard down the hall when peer leaders pulled the stools out from under his feet to find out that he was indeed stuck to the wall. Enterprising students also added a sign to his chest that said he was “hung up at work.”

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After using his Incredible Hulk talents to remove himself from the wall, Achtau and some of the peer leaders walked through the halls to the classroom of peer leader advisor and Social Studies teacher Mrs. Degen.






And then it was the seventh grade’s turn. This time, they taped Villar.












This annual event promotes literacy and reading and every dollar spent earns scholastic dollars used to purchase resources for the school.

According to PTO organizer Lorie Acciarito, this year sales totaled more than $6200, a 22% increase over last year, yielding over $3500 in scholastic dollars which will be used to purchase resources for the school. “Over 500 books were sold during the fair including 55 books that were purchased by students and their families and donated to help build classroom libraries throughout all disciplines at Warren Middle School,” Acciarito said.