ATLANTIC CITY, NJ -- TAPintoTV recently attended the New Jersey League of MunicipalitiesAnnual Conference and caught up with Steven Ward, Business Administrator of Denville, NJ. Ward discussed some of the township’s latest initiatives, including a new recycling program that helps both the local economy and the environment. 

The recent collapse of the international recycling market means that local governments across the country are increasingly faced with both the loss of revenue that that selling recycled materials once would yield, and additional costs to dispose of their recycling. 

“We actually used to get pretty significant rebates at the end of every year from our recycling provider,” explained Ward, “but over the last two and three years, we’ve actually been hit with six figure surcharges to get rid of our recycling.” 

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Denville devised a solution that would allow for goods to continue to be recycled and would not increase costs to residents. Beginning in the new year, the township will be switching to dual stream recycling, meaning that commingled materials, such as aluminum, glass and plastic, will be collected separately and at different times from mixed paper products. While the value for recycled commingled materials is virtually zero, there is a growing need, due to the rise in online retailers, for paper and cardboard products that have not been mixed with other recyclables. 

Dual stream recycling for Denville residents means that commingled products will be collected one week and mixed paper will be collected the next, beginning on January 1, and that pattern will continue for all of 2020. 

“We don’t have to increase the quarterly fee that we charge to our residents,” Ward said. “And because we know that the paper products will be recycled and put back into use, it will benefit the environment in the long run.” 

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