RANDOLPH, NJ- Interim Randolph Schools Superintendent Jennifer Fano updated the board on the Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate (ALICE) training the high school received this week.

Randolph Police Chief David Stokoe and Randolph High School Principal Deborah Ioso attended the training in the summer and took the initiative to bring it forward. The training teaches ways of handling active shooter situations. It teaches individuals to participate in their own survival while leading others to safety, said Fano.

All five Randolph school principals were trained in October. Then, in November, the principals trained the entire administrative team, said Fano.

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She said they ran through drills and partnered with the police department.

In the past, school personnel were taught to hide and stay in a corner, but ALICE training teaches people that there are other options, said Fano.

She said the high school practiced in three drills: The first was to stay put; the second was to practice barricading and securing oneself if staying in place was the chosen option; the third was to exit if the opportunity existed.

"I thought it was very beneficial,” Fano said. “Informally, when that adrenaline was still rushing, the comments were very appreciative for this opportunity to think about the situation differently.”

Ioso will gather input from all staff members to hear their concerns. Once the input is collected, the administration will modify the training for the middle school. The same will be done for the four elementary schools.

"We were able to have the rescue squad play through different scenarios and the Randolph Police Department was very supportive,” said Fano. “The collaboration of this initiative has been exceptional."