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    $150,000 Aston Martin Stolen in Westfield

    By Westfield Police Department | May 5, 2016

    April 27, 2016 8:33 p.m. Officer Martinez arrested Suzy M. Oliveira, age 26, of Bond Street, Elizabeth, NJ, on the strength of Westfield ...

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    Randolph Police Blotter, Identity Theft in April

    By Randolph Township Police | May 3, 2016

    April 2: Rebecca L. Perez, 39, Mt Olive was arrested for an outstanding warrant issued by the Randolph Municipal Court.  Perez was ...

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    South Orange Police Blotter - May 3

    By South Orange Police Department | May 3, 2016

    South Orange Police Blotter as of May 3 Suspicious person/pursuit; An officer while on routine patrol during the evening of April 27 was ...

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    Verona Police Blotter

    By Verona Police Department | May 3, 2016

    Blotter Report April 22, 2016 – April 29, 2016 12:48 AM Officer Ed Ruff took a report of a fraud from a Wilton Terrace resident.

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    Roselle Park Police Find Drug Paraphernalia During Vehicle Stops

    By Roselle Park Police Department | May 3, 2016

    Officer William Hannon conducted a motor vehicle stop on W. Westfield Ave. with a 2005 Mazda for an equipment violation. The driver of the ...

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    Summit Police Blotter

    By | May 3, 2016

    4/22 - Delfino Parra-Villano, 30, of Summit was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. Mr. Parra-Villano was issued multiple ...

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    70 Year Old Man Attempts to Steal Handbag from Saks

    By Millburn Police Dept. | May 3, 2016

    On April 26, 2016 Millburn Police Officer Lanni responded to the Apple store at The Mall at Short Hills on a theft report. Apple personnel ...

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    Maplewood Police Blotter - May 2

    By Maplewood Police Department | May 2, 2016

    April 27 - Auto Theft; During the overnight hours a Dodge Caravan was stolen from the parking lot at 50-58 Burnett Ave. It was later ...

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    Car Idling for Hours in Diner Parking Lot Leads to Arrest

    By Tap into Flemington-Raritan Staff | May 2, 2016

    RARITAN TWP., NJ – A vehicle that had been left running for hours with its lights on in the Flemington-Raritan Diner parking lot led ...

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    Cedar Grove Police Blotter

    By Cedar Grove Police Department | May 2, 2016

    April 25 – May 1, 2016 On Thursday, April 28 a Bentley Road resident reported some unknown person(s) entered her parked ...

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    Bridgewater Police Investigating Vandalism Report at Hillside School

    By Audrey Blumberg | May 2, 2016

    BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Staff at Hillside Intermediate School reported vandalism at the school during the weekend of April 15, according to ...

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    East Orange Man Among 21 Charged in Carjacking/Theft Ring

    By TAP into Montclair Staff | May 1, 2016

    TRENTON, NJ – 33 - year-old Peter Cleland, of East Orange was among 21 people indicted on first-degree charges of ...

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    Theft of Moveable Property in Denville

    By Denville Township Police Department | May 1, 2016

    DENVILLE, NJ-- On April 11, Denville Police responded to a possible burglary in the Lake Arrowhead section of town. During the couse of the ...

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    Torah Found in Westfield Park & More

    By Westfield Police Department | April 27, 2016

    April 21, 2016 7:19 p.m. A Torah with the name of “Paulo Meur” was found in Mindowaskin Park, specifically by the ...

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    South Orange Police Blotter - April 27

    By South Orange Police Department | April 27, 2016

    South Orange Police Blotter as of April 27 Theft/arrest; Scott Cuskaden, a 44 year old Green Village, NJ,  resident was arrested on ...

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    Man Uses Fraudulent Checks to Purchase $33,425 of Merchandise at Neiman Marcus

    By Millburn Police Dept. | April 27, 2016

    On April 19, 2016 Millburn Police Officer Smeraldo responded to Salvatore Ferragamo at The Mall at Short Hills on a theft report. Salvatore ...

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    Verona Police Blotter

    By Verona Police Department | April 27, 2016

    4/16/2016 8:41 AM Officer Ed Ruff took a report of criminal mischief from an Otsego Road resident.  The resident reported that ...

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    Montclair Police Blotter: Arrests, Theft and More

    By TAP into Montclair Staff | April 27, 2016

    MONTCLAIR, NJ - The following blotter has been written and released by Lt. David O'Dowd of the Montclair Police Department on ...

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    Woman Identified from Monday's Fatal Train Accident in South Orange

    By TAP into SOMA staff | April 26, 2016

    SOUTH ORANGE, NJ -  The woman who was struck and killed by a New Jersey Transit train near the South Orange station on Monday, April ...

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    Cedar Grove Police Blotter

    By Cedar Grove Police Department | April 26, 2016

    April 18 - 24, 2016 On Monday, April 18 at 6:52 p.m., police responded to the CVS Pharmacy at 387 Pompton Avenue on a report of a ...

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    Maplewood Police Blotter - April 25

    By Maplewood Police Department | April 25, 2016

    April 20 - Shoplifting; At approximately 9 p.m., a male ran out of Walgreens holding unknown merchandise. The male then fled ...

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    South Orange Police Blotter - April 22

    By South Orange Police Department | April 22, 2016

    Theft of vehicle; A Montague Pl. resident stated that that sometime between the evening or overnight hours of Tuesday, April ...

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    Summit Police Blotter

    By | April 22, 2016

    4/14 - At 1635 hours a report was taken for a theft of jewelry from a residence. The victim reported a diamond and platinum necklace,

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    Homicide Suspect also Arrested for Multiple Livingston Home and Vehicle Burglaries

    By Danielle Santola | April 21, 2016

    LIVINGSTON, NJ — An investigation that has been ongoing in Livingston since Oct. 31, 2015 finally came to a close this week as the ...

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    Off-duty Police Chief Helps Revive Nearly Dead Wharton Man

    By Fred J. Aun | April 20, 2016

    WHARTON, NJ – An off-duty police chief and a borough officer saved the life of a Wharton man who was found unresponsive and ...

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