During the period between May 31 to June 6, 2021 members of the GRPD handled 406 calls for service, the highlights of which included:

During this past week, the Glen Rock Police Department received three additional reports from residents concerning fraudulent unemployment claims. In each case unknown actor(s) use their personal information to apply for unemployment.  The detective bureau continues to receive ongoing complaints of this nature and is working with the NJ Division of Criminal Justice which is the lead investigating agency on fraudulent unemployment claims being filed throughout the state.

05-31-2021 - 8:49 PM – A Glen Rock resident reported receiving a phone call from a purported Amazon representative claiming that a balance of $579 was owed. The representative agreed to take payment over the phone via credit card and the resident subsequently provided their credit card information.  After the phone call the resident realized that they did not have an Amazon account and that they had been the victim of a scam.  The victim subsequently contacted their credit card company and found that no charge had gone through.  The credit card was immediately canceled.

06-04-2021 - Between 9 AM and 1 PM – The Glen Rock Police Department, in conjunction with the NJ State Motor Vehicle Commission, held a vehicle inspection check point along Maple Avenue at Harding Plaza. The operation is designed to remove dangerous vehicles from the road and promote safe driving practices.  The checkpoint also had the added benefit of allowing 70 motorists, whose vehicles were due for inspection, to have their vehicles inspected free of charge with only a short wait.  A total of 73 summonses were issued to vehicles found with safety violations, one unsafe vehicle was removed from the roadway, 4 vehicles were found to be unregistered, 2 drivers had suspended licenses, 2 other drivers were found to be unlicensed, and 1 motorist was issued a summons after driving past officers at the checkpoint while talking on their cellphone. These types of local checkpoints became necessary when the NJ Motor Vehicle commission eliminated the safety testing portion of motor vehicle inspections as a cost savings measure in 2010, now testing only for emissions. Due to the elimination of mechanical inspections, the responsibility was transferred to local law enforcement who are responsible to cite motorists for equipment out of compliance or failure to make repairs.

06-04-2021 - 2:24 PM – Patrols were dispatched to a multi vehicle accident on Route 208 North just prior to Lincoln Avenue. Two vehicles remained on the scene, however, one fled. One person suffered minor injury but refused medical aid. A black Infinity G37 fled the scene north on Route 208, however, witnesses were unable to provide a license plate number.  Anyone who may have witnessed the accident and can identify the vehicle is asked to contact the Glen Rock Police Department at (201) 652-3800.  

06-06-2021 - 4:32 PM – A Glen Rock resident reported receiving a package containing checks for a TD Bank account opened in their name.  The complainant had not opened such an account and was in the process of contacting TD Bank.  She also was one of many Glen Rock residents who has had a false unemployment claim filed in her name. The matter has been referred to the detective bureau along with dozens of other reports of this nature which are currently under investigation.