During the period between May 24 to May 30, 2021 members of the GRPD handled 331 calls for service, the highlights of which included:

05-24-2021 - 12:46 PM – While on patrol in the area of the Boulevard, Lt. Frank Riggio observed fresh graffiti painted on the concrete pillars underneath the Route 208 overpass. No one was found in the area and the New Jersey Department of Transportation was notified for removal. The Detective Bureau is currently reviewing various issues regarding graffiti which have occurred in the community recently.

05-24-2021 - 2:13 PM – A Glen Rock resident reported receiving a notice from the Bank of America that someone had attempted to open an account in their name. The actor had done so utilizing the victim’s name address date of birth and Social Security number. The account has since been closed and the matter is under investigation.

05-26-2021 - 8:10 AM – The owner of a Ridgewood based landscaping service reported that someone had slashed the tire on his vehicle and broke into his landscaping trailer by cutting the lock. Both the vehicle and the trailer were parked at a commercial lot on the 400 block of Grove Street between 2:30 PM on May 26 and the time of the report. Stolen from the trailer were two weed trimmers and two leaf blowers valued at a total of $2,100.  The Detective Bureau is currently investigating.

05-26-2021 - 10:21 AM – The owner of a business located at 175 Rock Road reported observing graffiti painted on a fence across the railroad tracks from his business. It was determined that the fence was owned by the Glen Courts Senior Citizen Building. The building management was notified. It appeared that this occurred sometime after 8:00 PM on May 25 and the time of the report. The Detective Bureau is currently reviewing various issues regarding graffiti which have occurred in the community recently.

05-26-2021 - 1:04 PM – Following a two-week investigation D/Sgt James Calaski arrested a 55-year-old Ridgewood man on shoplifting charges stemming from incidents that occurred at Bottle King Liquors on Prospect Street. The investigation was begun on May 12 when the management of bottle King reported that $2,000 worth of wine had been stolen from the store on two separate dates in March and April. Through the review of receipts and video surveillance footage, detectives were able to identify the actor. On each occasion the actor had taken expensive bottles of wine and placed them in cases marked at a lower price.  The man would then check out paying the lower price, in each case defrauding Bottle King of $1,000 for two separate purchases.

Since the time of the arrest, full restitution has been made to Bottle King. 

 05-27-2021 - The Glen Rock Police Department received two reports concerning fraudulent unemployment claims. The first was received from a Hawthorne woman who reported that the claim was filed in her maiden name using her parent’s Glen Rock address. The second report was received from a Glen Rock man who received a letter at his home concerning a claim that was filed in his name on May 9th. Neither victim had filed for unemployment benefits.  The detective bureau continues to receive ongoing complaints of this nature and is working with the NJ Division of Criminal Justice which is the lead investigating agency on fraudulent unemployment claims being filed throughout the state. 

05-27-2021 - 9:14 PM – Patrols were dispatched to a 9-1-1 report of a dispute in progress at a Little League game being played at Faber Field on Doremus Avenue. The complainant reported to officers that a profanity filled dispute had occurred between unknown parents from both the Glen Rock and Paramus teams following what was described as a rival playoff game. Officers were able to locate the complainant, however, it appeared that the primary instigators had left prior to the officers’ arriving. Officers remained in the area until the crowd dissipated.    

05-29-2021 - 11:38 AM – A Glen Rock man reported that a fraudulent unemployment claim was filed in his name.  He learned of this when he received a letter from the New Jersey Department of Labor.  A few days later he received a checkbook in the mail from TD Bank for a checking account that had been opened in his name.  The complainant had not opened the account and notified the bank immediately.  The detective bureau is currently reviewing both matters.

05-29-2021 - 5:05 PM – Special Officer James Harte was dispatched to the area of Romary Court to investigate the report of several loud bangs, of unknown origin, which had occurred periodically.  Two residents reported that vibrations had shaken their homes.  While investigating the officer heard several loud explosions, however, they appeared to be coming from a distance away. 

Additional officers responded along with Glen Rock firefighters to conduct a more comprehensive check of the area.   Surrounding jurisdictions were also notified as the point of origin could not be determined.  Crews from both P S E & G Gas and Electric were dispatched to the scene and examined their infrastructure throughout the area and found no immediate defects.  

Additional reports were received just after midnight on May 30th in the area of Oaklynn Place and just prior to 12 noon on Waldron Avenue.  The area was checked by Glen Rock officers, as well as Fair Lawn Police in the area of their industrial complexes immediately adjacent to the Glen Rock border with negative results. Other surrounding jurisdictions were notified, but none have received any similar reports. 

At 2:54 PM on May 30th patrols and firefighters returned to the Romary Court area when a resident flagged down the Fire Chief, reporting that her pool heater door had blown off.  P S E & G again returned to the area. Technicians determined that the gas meters at two homes were in need of replacement as they were not large enough to accommodate the needs of the homes.  However, it remained undetermined if this was the cause. 

During this course, the Glen Rock Police Department and Office of Emergency Management coordinated with County Authorities to investigate other possible causes of the reported conditions. 

05-30-2021 - 2:04 PM – A 19-year-old Glen Rock man filed a police report alleging that he was assaulted on the evening of May 27 in a parking lot on the 200 block of Maple Avenue. He provided a video, taken by a third party, which he claimed recorded the assault in question. The victim reported that he was injured and that his parents transported him to Valley Hospital in Ridgewood for treatment. It is not clear why a police report was not filed at the time of the incident. The identity of the actor has not yet been confirmed by the police. The matter has been referred to the Detective Bureau for investigation.