A criminal complaint is merely an accusation. Despite these accusations, the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Case: 19-13136

Date:  5-21-2019 at 1:36pm

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Incident Title: MV stop / resisting arrest / drug paraphernalia

Suspect information: Latyf Parson 24 y/o male from Paterson, NJ

Vehicle information: Gray 2003 Chevrolet Impala

Description of incident: Officers pulled the above vehicle over on Goffle Road near Warburton Avenue.  Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer observed a small bag commonly used to store narcotics on the passenger side floor.  The officer requested that the driver hand over the baggie as well as his credentials. The officer requested the driver step out of the vehicle.  During a pat down of the driver, the driver became irate and uncooperative with officers. The driver began to pull away from officers and resisted being handcuffed.  After the driver was handcuffed and arrested, a search of the vehicle produced additional paraphernalia, including a grinder, in the back seat area of the vehicle. The driver was transported to headquarters where he was charged with: 

1604 S 2019 000134  / Possession of Drug Paraphernalia  / 2C:36-2

1604 S 2019 000134  / Resisting Arrest /  2C:29-2A(1)

1604 E19 0001440  / Failure to Exhibit Medical Window Tint Certification  / 39:3-75.3A

1604 E19 0001441  / Failure to Exhibit License  / 39:3-29

1604 E19 0001442  / Use Unapproved Equipment  / 39:3-77

And released pending a Hawthorne Municipal Court date.


Case: 19-13156

Date:  5/21/2019 at 6:36pm

Incident Title: DWI / Endangering the welfare / Drug Paraphernalia

Suspect information: Lisa Wahab 32 y/o female from Hawthorne

Vehicle information: Gold 2016 Nissan Pathfinder

Description of incident: Headquarters received a call of an erratic driver.  Patrol units were able to locate the above vehicle on Goffle Road. The vehicle was pulled over in a parking lot on Goffle Road.  Officers suspected that the driver was under the influence. Patrol officers also noted that there were children under the age of 4 that were unsecure and just free roaming in the trunk area.  The driver failed field sobriety testing and was arrested. Subsequent to the arrest, and while looking for the driver’s credentials, a glass pipe was also found in the middle console. After she was transported to headquarters; a DRE was called; and it was determined she was under the influence of narcotics.  She was charged with DWI, drug paraphernalia, and endangering the welfare of children. She was released pending a CJP court date.


Case: 19-13266

Date: 5/22/2019 at 5:10pm

Incident Title: Bus Fire

Description of incident:  Headquarters received a call about a school bus that had caught fire.  Headquarters was advised that the bus was being evacuated due to the fire and smoke condition.  Upon officer arrival, the bus driver and 6 students had evacuated the bus successfully prior to patrol arrival.  It appeared that the fire was coming from the wheel well area on the bus’s rear tire. No injuries were sustained.