Theft – Ernest Street - Officers spoke with the victim regarding stolen packages that were reported delivered, the victim’s home has a Ring doorbell that did not capture any recent deliveries.   The packages totals approximately $255.00. 

Fraud -  The victim reported fraudulent activity on their credit report.  They stated they received a letter from a financial institution stating they denied a claim for a Pay Pal account that the victim did not attempt to open. 

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Fraud – A victim contacted Headquarters to report that when they attempted to sign into their AOL account on their computer they could not access their account.  They contacted AOL and spoke with a representative who advised the victim that their account was hacked. 


Property Damage – Franklin Avenue -  The caller stated they observed a scratch on the passenger's side front door of their vehicle. The vehicle has been parked in their designated parking spot for about 2 weeks and is unsure when the damage occurred.

Theft – Kierstead Avenue - The victim stated to Officers that a package theft occurred.  The delivery of the package was supposed to have occurred at the front door of the home on April 18th but when the victim went to retrieve the package it was not there.  The package contained items worth $750.00. 

Property Damage – Kingsland Street - While on patrol a business, employee approached and stated that they observed landscapers on the property doing maintenance work with weed trimmers by his vehicle.  When they came back to their vehicle they noticed their driver’s side tail light was cracked. As a result, the entire tail light had to be replaced which cost approximately $300.00.

Fraud – A victim contacted Headquarters to report they were scammed earlier in the day.  They stated that between 12:30-1:00pm they received a call from a “James Clark” who advised the victim that their grandson was involved in a car accident and being held in Newark on a $5,000.00 warrant.    “James” stated that in order for their grandson to be released, she would need to pay $5,000.00 for the bail.  The victim gathered the funds and an unknown male party responded to their residence at about 2:30pm to pick up the money.  The male actor was described as possibly Hispanic, with dark hair, 5’ 8”, thin and wearing a mask.  They took the money and left the area.  Police are investigating this and similar incidents throughout Nutley. In addition, they are working with several other towns that experienced similar scams titled Elderly Scam.


Motor Vehicle Theft – Hillside Avenue – Officers met with the victim of a motor vehicle theft.  The vehicle, a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country mini-van, with NJ reg. HEF82S, was parked in front of the home, and locked.  When they returned to the vehicle it was missing.  Vehicle has not yet been recovered as of the time of this release. .

Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud.  The victim received an email from American Airlines confirming an airplane ticket from Chicago to Newark purchased with a credit card. The victim contacted the airlines via phone to explain they did not purchase any airline ticket and does not have a credit card with the account number the email referenced. 

Shoplifting – Harrison Street -  Headquarters received a call regarding a Shoplifting incident where the actor fled the store and was seen headed towards the bus stop on Franklin Avenue.  Officers found the suspect, David Munjee, 42, of East Orange, with the missing items.  Additionally, Mr. Munjee was found to have an outstanding warrant out of Cedar Grove and was taken into custody. 

Fraud – Another fraud was attempted on one of our residents where the caller “Robert Stevens” requests $6,000.00 for the release of the victim’s grandson who had been arrested.  The victim did not believe the call and hung the phone up on the actor.  They immediately contacted their son to explain what had happened and the Police were contacted.  No money was exchanged and the Detective Bureau was advised of the incident. 

Identity Theft – The victim contacted Headquarters in regards to a call they received from a florist in regard to a suspicious purchase being made with the victim’s credit card, name, and address.  The victim told the store owner that they did not make the purchase and they do not have a credit card issued in their name with the account number provided. 


Fraud - Another fraud was attempted on one of our citizens where the caller “James Clark” requests $7,000.00 for the release of the victim’s grandson who had been in an accident, injured, and in Paterson Court.  “Mr. Clark” stated that a courier service would be sent to pick up the money needed for the grandson’s release.  The victim did not believe the call and hung the phone up on the actor.  They immediately contacted Police to report the incident.  No money was exchanged and the Detective Bureau was advised of the incident. 


Fraud – Headquarters received a report from the victim that stated they received a call from a man saying the victim’s granddaughter had been involved in a car accident. The actor/s requested $15,000.00 for bail.  The victim informed the actor that they would not be able to retrieve the money due to being quarantined and he hung up the phone.  This report reflects many calls taking place around the state at this time.

Theft from Vehicle – Duncan Place – Headquarters received a report of a theft from vehicle.  The victim stated they entered their vehicle and observed their glove compartment and center console were open. 

Theft – Chestnut Street - An employee of a local business stated that they had a plastic bag filled with items they placed on a shelf and when the employee returned to get their items, the bag was missing.   

Property Damage – Union Avenue –Homeowner stated that a tree limb hanging over their property line broke off, due to the wind, and damaged their 2nd floor rear bedroom window.  The dead tree was located in an adjacent rear yard.  The damaged glass storm window is valued at $50.00.  The report was forwarded to Code Enforcement to have the Township Arborist evaluate the condition of the tree in the adjacent rear yard.


Motor Vehicle Theft – Vreeland Avenue -  Officers responded to the area in regards to a stolen motor vehicle.  The victim stated that they parked their 2020 Acura on Vreeland Avenue and when they returned to the car this morning it was missing.  Police recovered the vehicle later that morning in Passaic and are investigating who was responsible for the theft.

Property Damage – Grant Avenue – Property damage was reported in the rear of a residence.  A tree from the back neighbor’s yard had fallen and crushed the fence that separates both yards.  Additionally, the victim’s generator, lawn mower and parts of a concrete slab were damaged during the incident.