Property Damage – Florence Street – Response was made to the area regarding a report of a tree limb that had fallen causing property damage.  Once on scene, Officers observed a tree limb (Township tree) that landed on the back retaining wall causing damage to the top of the wall.  The estimated value to repair was unknown at the time of the report.  Additionally, damage was found to approximately five flood lights, located on the retaining wall.

The Shade Tree Department responded to assess the damage and stated a crew would arrive to remove the tree as soon as possible. 

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Fraud -  Officers spoke to the office manager of a local business who reported a fraud.  They stated that they processed a phone order for flooring for almost 10,000.00, which was stopped after the merchandise was picked up. Detective bureau is investigating.

Fraud -  Units responded to take a report of fraud.  The victim stated that they applied and were approved for a new credit card which they had not received up to today’s date.  While checking on the status of the card they were advised that charges were made to the account totaling $2666.38.  There were 9 transactions in total that were not authorized by the victim. 


Motor Vehicle Stop – Harrison Street -  A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of both driver Robert Smith, 22, of Belleville, and passenger Eugene Watson, 24, of Nutley, who were transported to Headquarters without incident.  They were charged with Possession of CDS, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, printed, and processed.  Additionally, Mr. Smith was issued motor vehicle summonses for Maintenance of Lamps, Improper Display/Unclear Plates, and Possession of CDS in a Motor Vehicle, advised of his Court date and released from custody.  Mr. Watson was found to have three (3) active warrants out of Belleville, Little Falls, and Newark, who were all contacted and assigned new Court dates to Mr. Watson before being released on his own recognizance.


Theft – Passaic Avenue – A male party walking to their home became a victim of a theft.  They stated that a silver Chevy Tahoe pulled up to them and was occupied by six parties, 2 males, 2 females, and two children.  One of the females was dressed all in black and had gold teeth.  The male passenger asked the victim if they spoke Spanish and began placing gold colored rings in their hand.  The female party in the rear passenger seat began to interact with them by wrapping gold colored chains around their wrist.  Victim said that this same female then placed a chain around his neck, and gave him a hug.  After these events, the victim noticed that his bracelet and chain that he was wearing before the interactions were no longer on him.  It was at this time that he contacted Police.  The suspect vehicle had fled southbound on Passaic Avenue prior to Police arrival.  Units checked the area for the suspect vehicle with negative results.  A description of the vehicle and actors was given to surrounding jurisdictions via the State Police Emergency Network.

The gold bracelet and gold chain that were taken have an estimated value of approximately $925.00 total.  The four (4) gold colored rings and three (3) gold colored chains were entered into evidence.  Detective Bureau was advised and took over the investigation

Theft – Church Street – A passerby witnessed a party taking mail from a mailbox that did not belong to them.  Officers were able to track down the actor who was placed under arrest.  Davida Samad, 43, of Newark, was charged with Theft, a Disorderly Person’s Offense, and Obstructing Administration of Law, a Disorderly Person’s offense, printed, processed, advised of their mandatory Court date and released from custody. 

Theft from Vehicle – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a past occurred theft from Vehicle.  The victim stated they parked their Ford Mustang in their driveway and when they returned to it the dash cam, estimated value of $150, was missing.  There were no signs of forced entry and it was noted that the vehicle’s doors were left unlocked when it was parked.  The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.


Motor Vehicle Stop – Park Avenue – A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of the driver Hazim Padmore, 38, Danville, PA, who was transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was issued the following summonses:  Driving while intoxicated, Delaying Traffic, Driving with Expired License, Uninsured vehicle, Driving while suspended: Due to having a suspended NJ DL status, advised of his mandatory Court date, and released from custody.

Criminal Mischief – Park Avenue – Officers responded to the area to take a report regarding criminal mischief.  The victim stated that their vehicle had been keyed and pointed out three (3) scratches on the passenger side of the vehicle; two (2) scratches on the rear passenger door and one (1) on the front passenger door.  Additionally, the air was let out of the passenger side rear tire which damaged the valve stem of the tire.  An estimate to repair the damage caused by the scratches had been estimated at approximately $600.  Photos of the damage were taken and placed into evidence.  Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.

Fraud – The victim of four (4) fraudulent transactions and one (1) declined charge on their credit card reported the incident to Police.  The total amount charged was approximately $1,100.00.  The financial institution was contacted and the account closed, with the victim issued a new card.  Additionally, the victim stated that they received a delivery that they did not order, which was returned.  It was received from the company of one of the fraudulent transactions.  The victim was advised to monitor their bank accounts and how to obtain a copy of their report.  Detective Bureau was notified.


Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding Identity Theft.  The victim stated that they received a notice from a collection agency stating they owed $250.00 for a Verizon account that had been opened.  The victim had not opened any such account and contacted Verizon to alert them to the incident.  They were advised that the party that opened the account did so with personal identifiers of the victim.  Verizon requested a Police report for them to continue with their investigation.  The victim was afforded the opportunity to be entered into the Identity Theft Database, but declined. 

Property Damage – River Road – Officers were dispatched to the area in regards to a broken window.  Upon arrival, the victim stated that when they arrived home they discovered glass in the area of the living room and noticed the window to be broken.  Observed was a small hole about the size of a golf ball in the window.  The home was cleared of any suspicious parties and found to be in order.  The Management Company noted that the landscaping company had scheduled work on this day at the property and could have inadvertently caused the damage. 


Criminal Mischief – East Passaic Avenue – Response was made to the area regarding a report of criminal mischief.  The victim stated that when they went out to their vehicle they noticed writing on their rear window.  The writing looked like black spray paint.  An estimate to repair the vehicle was not available at the time of the report.

Animal Complaint – River Road – A loose K9 described as a brown and white Pit Bull with no collar or tags was found in the area.  It was later determined to belong to one of the residents and had gotten out of their front door that was left ajar accidentally. The dog was found to be properly licensed with all shots up to date.  The registered owner was issued a Township Ordinance for Dog at Large – Prohibited. 


Theft – Franklin Avenue – A report was received regarding a theft.  The victim stated that they left their cell phone in the rest room and when they returned to retrieve it, it was no longer there.  The owner tried calling the phone with negative results.  It was found later that a credit card that was inside the phone had been used at two locations with a total loss of approximate $20.00.  The financial institution was contacted and they placed a stop on the card and their fraudulent activity claims department would be following up with the transaction.  Detective Bureau notified of the incident.


Theft – Kingsland Avenue – Two actors were apprehended in the area of Yantacaw Place and Franklin Avenue after Officers were alerted to several packages being taken from the inside a residential complex on Kingsland Street.  Several packages were found in the bushes and sidewalk.  Surveillance video showed, Stephanie Hammond, 50, of Newark and James Hope, 23, Newark, enter the building and leave with 4 packages.  Charges pending were 4 counts of Theft (DP), 1 count of Criminal Trespass (DP), and 1 count of Possession (DP).