Scam- Police took a report from a 61 y/o Nutley resident claiming that he received an e-mail from what he believed was PayPal requesting 500.00. The victim told police he complied with the e –mail instructions and went to 7/11 to purchase 200.00 e bay gift cards, then provided the fraudster with the serial numbers.

Suspicious Incident- Brookline Ave. Police were called to a residence when a caller reported two parties attempting to enter a Brookline Ave. Residence. When Police arrived they found two pizza delivery drivers frustrated that no one was answering the door. The resident reported that they did not order pizzas and the two deliverymen were banging loudly. The caller told police that they had a flashlight and believed they were trying to enter the residence.

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Motor Vehicle Accident – Wilson St- Police responded to a motor vehicle accident in which a motorist crashed into a home on Wilson St. When police arrived, the driver 21 y/o Steven Clausen was outside of vehicle uninjured. Police discovered CDS in close proximity to vehicle and had probable cause to believe it belonged to the driver and subsequently charged him with possession. He was summoned and released.

Motor Vehicle Accident- Bloomfield Ave- Police responded to Bloomfield Ave in response to a motorist that briefly took their eyes off the road, and swerved striking a fire hydrant and telephone pole. The 17 y/o was uninjured.

Traffic Stop- A motor vehicle driving with an obstructed view was stopped by police. Officers were able to detect the smell of marijuana and subsequently placed 22 y/o Giovani Sanchez of Passaic under arrest for possession of marijuana. He was issued a summons and released pending a court date.


Motor Vehicle Accident Arrest- Police responded to a motor vehicle accident along Rt 21, at 11:18 PM and found that a 2004 Honda CRV had crashed into the divider. Police observed a man walking in the wooded area that was identified as the 41 y/o driver Christian Gallardo of Newark. He was determined to be under the influence and arrested. He was later released to the custody of a family member.


Dispute- When a 17 y/o Nutley residents electric scooter ran out of power along Franklin Ave he ordered a ride through Lyft Services. Upon exiting the vehicle with his scooter, the driver maintains he caused damage to the Lyft vehicle. A dispute ensued, and police were called. The driver left scene prior to arrival.


Possible Overdose- Police responded with NRVS and Medics to a Race St. Residence in response to a possible overdose. When officers arrived, they administered two doses of Naloxone (Narcan)  and a third by EMS and were able to regain breathing from the victim. Medics and EMS transported the unresponsive victim to an area hospital.

Criminal Mischief- River Rd. Police responded to a residence on River Rd to take a report of damage to auto. The caller reported that their vehicle a 2019 Kia had been keyed down the side. 

Attempted Vehicle Theft- Robert St- The caller reported that their vehicle a 2011 Hyundai window had been smashed, Unable to determine if the actors were attempting to burglarize, or actually steal the vehicle. Police are investigating.

Threats- Franklin Ave Business reported that two males that were sitting in establishment confronted employees and made threatening remarks. The two men approximately 50-60 y/o/a left prior to police arrival.

Attempted Burglary to Auto- High St- A resident reported to police that his home surveillance system captured a person attempting to gain entry into his 2019 Honda. The actor was observed trying the door handle and was described as a black male thin build, approx. 5’ 10” wearing a dark jacket, red and white striped gray hooded sweatshirt, red cap, blue jeans wearing gloves. Time of incident was 4:08 AM. Police request that if anyone has video surveillance of this actor please contact police 973-284-4940


Assault- Franklin/Centre- Police were called to the area regarding a dispute, when they arrived they found an 18 y/o and 22 y/o man had engaged in a physical altercation, and both were bleeding from their injuries. The 22 y/o was subsequently transported to an area hospital for treatment.


Motor Vehicle Crash- Hillside Ave- Police responded to a motor vehicle accident involving a 2017 Chevy Trax that struck a utility pole. The driver told police that he had fallen asleep. The pole sustained heavy damage and the utility company needed to respond. Vehicle was impounded and the driver was summoned.


Nutley Police arrested and charged a man in connection with a robbery that occurred at a Franklin Ave Business New Year’s Day.

Police responded to a local business, at 3:15 in the afternoon, when the caller reported that a man shoved a woman into the store shelving and pulled her purse from her arm prior to fleeing.

Through investigation police were able to identify  26 y/o Stephen Nemec of Nutley as the suspect responsible for the robbery. He was located in Nutley a short time later arrested and charged. Nemec was found to have an active warrant out of Clifton for 2,500.00 as well. He was transported to Essex County Jail pending arraignment.