Property Lost – Gerard Road – Headquarters received a walk in report on lost property.  The victim stated they ordered three (3) items from a department store having a total value of $75.00 and never received them. 


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Package Theft – Oakridge Avenue - Headquarters received a walk in report in regard to a package theft.  The victim stated they placed an order of basketball cards from “Discort Chat Servers” in the amount of $720.00.  The package is recorded as being delivered on 2/18/2020, but the victim did not receive the package


Hazardous Condition - Rutgers Place – Officers responded to the area in regards to nails found in the roadway.  Multiple nails were observed on Rutgers Place near Passaic Avenue and in the grass by the curb.  The nails didn't appear to be intentionally placed they may have inadvertently fallen off a moving vehicle.  There were no reports of any vehicles damaged by the nails.  The nails were collected and properly discarded.


Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a fraud.  The victim stated that while preparing their taxes through TurboTax, they discovered that their Federal return had already been completed and filed without their knowledge.  The refund was deposited into a bank account that did not belong to the victim and already was submitted.  TurboTax Customer Support was contacted and deactivated the account.  The IRS and State Treasury Office were also contacted regarding the matter.


Animal Complaint - Monsignor Owens Place – Officers responded to the area in regards to an unfamiliar dog in the homeowner’s backyard.  The Husky puppy was taken into Headquarters, the owner was found, contacted, and they responded to Headquarters to take custody of their puppy Archie.


Possible Fraud – Newark Ave – Officers took a report from a resident that received an alert advising two laptop computers were delivered to his residence. The computers were delivered and signed for by an unknown party. The victims e mail and possible credit was compromised.

Fraud- A Nutley victim advised police that while transferring from one job to another his 401 K funds were placed in an unknown account. The victim reported over 50,000. Worth of funds that were unable to be located at the time of this report.

Animal attack- Park Ave a Nutley resident reported that three dogs that were unleashed attacked him while he was walking his dog. The victim and his dog reportedly sustained injury during the attack, and the three dogs were called to a black jeep and fled scene.