Fraud – A report of fraud was taken from the victim who stated while providing online tutoring a party agreed to the cost and registered their child.  The agreed upon fee was $535.00, but the actor sent a check via Fed Ex for $2,050.00, which was deposited into the victim’s account.  The actor informed the victim that their attorney wrote the check for the wrong amount and instructed the victim to deposit $1480.00 into a TD Bank account and provided the account number.  The victim has been in contact with both financial institutions regarding the incident.  Please note that the checks in overpayment are fraudulent, and the perpetrator anticipates you will send money back to them before the bank informs you of the fraudulent check. Usually by that time your money has been lost.


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Property Damage – Warren Street - the victim of property damage reported the incident to Officers.  A tree limb fell and stuck the victim’s vehicle causing damage to the roof and driver’s side rear quarter panel.  Broken tree limb fragments were observed on the street in the vicinity of the parked vehicle.  The tree appeared to belong to the Township of Nutley.


Nutley Police Director Alphonse Petracco and Chief Thomas Strumolo report that on Monday 7/13/2020 Police responded to a series of assaults that took place within the township.

 The first call at 4:44 PMwas received regarding an assault that took place at the intersection of Hawthorne and Bloomfield Ave. A 31 y/o Nutley woman walking was approached by a man who exited a vehicle and asked if he could talk to her. When she replied no, he punched her in the face and fled towards Hillside Ave. Sustaining injury she entered an establishment where they rendered first aid.

 Minutes later on Hillside Ave the same actor approached a 60 y/o woman and demanded she allow him to use her phone. When she declined he threatened to assault her by making a fist and swinging several times causing her to fall sustaining minor injury. 

 He then fled to Franklin and Chestnut where he grabbed a 45 y/o woman from behind and placed her in a chokehold. The woman screamed for her husband, causing him to release her. He then crossed the street to assault a fourth victim 35 y/o woman by punching her face as she was waiting to enter a nail salon. By this time police were able to get a description of the actor and vehicle and broadcasted to surrounding agencies. It was a short time later that Belleville officers located the vehicle, A Hyundai Sonata  that had been stolen out of East Orange earlier that day. The actor attempted to elude Belleville officers prior to crashing and being arrested.

Twenty Two year old Quinn Mayweather of East Orange was arrested and charged by Nutley with three counts of Simple Assault  and one  count of Aggravated Assault  for his actions and faces a slew of additional charges  for offenses committed in other jurisdictions.

 Police Chief Thomas Strumolo said that this was an unusual series of events. Four woman walking at separate locations, minding their own business, all assaulted for no reason is not something we see very often. Nevertheless, when things like this happen our officers jump into action and do whatever is necessary to protect the citizens in this town. He said that Mayweather was quickly caught and transported to Essex County Jail by Belleville Police.

 Police Director Alphonse Petracco said although none of these women were seriously injured, it very well could have been very different. The man was obviously upset and took his aggression out on innocent vulnerable women. He commended all the officers, detectives and dispatchers that brought this to a rapid conclusion and extended special  thanks to Belleville, Bloomfield and Clifton for their assistance in his apprehension. He wishes all the women a speedy recovery.

Fraud -   The victim of identity fraud reported the incident to Police.  It was stated that an email was received from their financial protection company stating their personal information was being used to open an account.  The victim immediately contacted the company and was made aware of an unsuccessful attempt to open an account using their date of birth along with their social security number. The victim was advised to monitor their accounts and to contact Headquarters should they identify any unusual activity. 

Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud.  The victim stated that they were on a website to purchase a Pomeranian puppy that required an email address and phone number as part of the registration process to access the site.  The following day they were contacted (Christopher) regarding their interest in the puppies. After discussing a particular puppy, “Christopher” advised the price of the puppy including transportation fees would be $690.00.  Upon agreeing, the victim was asked to provide personal identifiers to which they complied.  “Christopher” provided a cashapp ID to which the victim stated they preferred Zelle.  The money was sent along with a screenshot as proof the money was in the account.  An additional fee was requested which the victim denied, they were supplied with a tracking number, and told the dog would arrive on Sunday.  When the dog didn’t arrive on Sunday, the victim attempted to contact “Christopher” via text and phone but never received an answer.  Officers attempted to contact “Christopher” with negative results due to the line being disconnected.


Property Damage – Hastings Avenue - Homeowner contacted Police to report property damage.  It was stated that two parties came to the victim’s home to give them an estimate on repairing the front entry walkway and the edging, including materials.  The one male party was translating for the other due to a language barrier during the estimate.  While all three parties were discussing the job, the homeowner excused themselves, and when they returned the two men were already demolishing the front walkway and removing the concrete edging.  The victim was upset because there was no permission given to start any work, due to them still negotiating.  The homeowner told them to stop what they were doing and to repair what they broke.  The two men refused to fix what was broke and left the scene, leaving the front walk in disarray.  Officers attempted to contact the business with negative results.


Suspicious Incident – William Street -  Homeowner reported that a male party walked up to their front door, touch the door handle, before he rang the doorbell.  The male actor was described as wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, a red hat, and white sneakers.  The homeowner answered the door and stated the male party asked for an “Elaina” or “Laina” and was told that no one by that name lived in the house.  The homeowner found it suspicious that the male party was looking at and referencing their phone during their interaction.  The male party apologized and left the front porch.  It was noted that the male was traveling in an older model black Honda with a NY registration.  Officers canvassed the area with negative results. 


Suspicious Person – Kingsland Avenue - Multiple calls were received regarding a suspicious white male undressing in the park.  Officers initiated a field interview with the suspect who stated they went for a swim in the stream, but was wearing shorts.  One of the callers provided photos of the party swimming in the nude, to which they admitted after viewing the photos.  Additionally, there was evidence of marijuana inside their vehicle.  As a result Mr. Ronald Cowley, 37, of Nutley was advised he would be issued summonses for Lewdness and Possession of Marijuana, which would be mailed to him, and then released from the scene.   


Theft of Vehicle- Police were called to Villa Pl. when a resident reported their vehicle had been stolen over the evening hours. A 2007 G35 Infiniti had been entered into police data base and still missing at the time of this release.


Theft from Motor Vehicles- Police are investigating a series of thefts in which at least two parties entered unlocked vehicles on Hay Ave. Numerous items were reported stolen. The actor who was observed by area surveillance is wearing a mask and no shirt. Police ask if anyone can identify him please call 973-284-4940.