Property Damage – Chestnut Street – Officers responded to the location on the report of a tree limb falling on a house. Upon arrival, a large limb was observed in the backyard of the home and resting on the residence. The limb had fallen from a large tree in the rear of the backyard neighbor.  There were no injuries reported as a result, but damage to the roof as well as the gutters, leaders, and patio furniture were observed. 

Property Damage – Conover Avenue – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding property damage.  The victim stated a tree fell into their yard damaged their grass.  The tree belonged to the apartment complex in the rear of the residence.   Victim was advised to contact their homeowner’s insurance in regard to the incident.

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Property Damage – Conover Avenue – Response was made on a report of property damage.  The resident stated that a tree from the apartment complex behind their home fell and caused damage to the victim’s fence, gutter, and garage roof. 


Animal Complaint – E. Centre Street – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding an animal incident.  The victim stated that while visiting their daughter, a neighbor’s Pitbull got underneath the fence and attacked their dog (black Lab) causing multiple injuries.  There was no contact information regarding the neighbor at the time of the report. 

Dispute – Franklin Avenue -  A disagreement between a cab driver, who called for Police assistance with their passenger, resulted in the arrest of Deepak Singh, 39, of Clifton for an outstanding warrant out of Lyndhurst.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, Lyndhurst Police were contacted, and released Mr. Singh on his own recognizance with a new Court date.  In reference to the dispute, Mr. Singh was advised of his right to sign a complaint with the Court. 


Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding fraudulent activity.  The victim stated they received a letter from a collection agency,requesting a payment of $ 904.91 from an Optimum Account being opened in their name.  The victim contacted the collection agency and advised them they never opened the Optimum Account.  The victim was advised of the opportunity of the Identity Theft Victim database and opted to register.  Additionally, instructions were given to the victim to notify the three major credit agencies along with their financial institution to monitor for any other fraud.

Burglar Charged- Nutley Police investigating many auto burglaries this year, identified and charged another suspect this week. Over a half dozen actors have been arrested this year, responsible for dozens of burglaries to Nutley residents vehicles. This week, police were able to identify 20 y/o Omar Deas of E Orange as one of three actors responsible for over ten burglaries, on July, 1st and 2nd in the area of Myrtle, Park, Grant and Lafayette. Deas has been entered as a wanted person and has not yet been arrested.


Suspicious Incident – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a victim’s cell phone number had been compromised.  They stated that they received a text on their cell phone welcoming them to Simple Mobile.  The victim has never opened an account with Simple Mobile.  Shortly after, they received another text message from Verizon stating that their account was no longer registered. 

Property Damage – Sylvan Place -  response was made with the Nutley Fire Department on a report of a water condition.  Units observed water covering the basement floor of the home, possibly caused by a failed sump pump.  Nutley Fire shut down major basement appliances so as to not cause further damage.  The homeowner had already contacted a plumber and will be reporting the incident to their homeowner's insurance carrier. 

Burglary – Hastings Avenue - Multiple units responded to the area on a call regarding an attempted Burglary called in by the homeowner.  The victim stated they heard a loud bang at the front door. Officers entered the residence and conducted a search, which deemed the house clear. The front door showed visible signs of forced entry possibly by being kicked in.  An immediate canvass of the area was conducted for possible suspects and remains under investigation. Chief Strumolo and Director Petracco, sent out a Township alert advising resident and requesting anyone that had information contact Nutley Police. 


Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding fraud.  The victim stated they posted a bridal dress online through "Craigslist" and was asking for $2100. Contact was made with an unknown party who wanted the dress, and the selling price of $2100 was mutually agreed upon.

The buyer sent a company check via FedEx in the amount of $3800. The check was a corporate check from Indiana via PNC Bank.  The sender's information on the FedEx envelope was from Las Vegas, NV.  The victim was in contact with the buyer who informed them that the additional $1700 would be for the cost of alterations. The actor stated they had a seamstress who was local and would meet with them to make alterations to the dress.

The victim wanted to make sure the check cleared first, and deposited it into a relative’s bank account.  Additionally, the victim made contact with the bank listed on the check, PNC Bank, who informed them that the check appeared to be a valid account and in good standing.  The victim’s bank contacted them and advised that the check didn’t clear and was fraudulent.  The fraud department listed the victim as “high risk” and immediately canceled their account.  The victim reported that they are still in contact with the buyer via text, but has never been given their name or the name of the seamstress.  The text number was placed in the report.  Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.

Suspicious Person – Regents Drive – Response was made to area in regards to a suspicious male going door to door.  A party matching the description given was found and stated they were employed by Direct Energy who are sub-contracted by PSE&G to help customers lower their bills.  The party did not have a permit, was advised how to obtain one and to cease soliciting until they had it. 

All defendants mentioned are innocent until proven guilty.