Theft from Vehicle – Park Avenue – Officers responded to the area in regards to a report of theft from Vehicle.  The victim stated while they were taking a walk with their children they noticed makeup products.  When checked more closely, the victim recognized the items as hers from within her vehicle.  Upon checking the vehicle, they observed the bag was now missing as well as a piano keyboard.  There were no signs of forced entry to the vehicle.  The piano is valued at approximately $300, and the make-up at $200. 

Theft from Vehicle – Coppola Street -  A resident contacted Headquarters to report a theft from vehicle.  It was reported that when the victim returned to their vehicle they observed both seats were reclined, the glove compartment box was open, and the front driver’s side door was found ajar. 

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The area was canvassed and through several surveillance videos it was determined that approximately five (5) vehicles had been attempted to be entered but the actor/s moved on when the doors were found locked.

During the early morning hours, two (2) parties were interviewed, in separate locations of the neighborhood. Both were later charged for the five burglaries. Property was found in the sewer belonging to a Bloomfield resident.  Bloomfield Police were notified of the found property. 


Shoplifting – Harrison Street – Officers responded to the establishment in regards to a shoplifting incident.  The actor was still in the store and upon request returned the items to the store manager that were concealed on their person.  The actor, Deirdre Cornick, 56, of West Hempstead, NY was charged with Shoplifting, which was placed on summons.  She was advised not to return to the premises per the store manager, and if she did, could be arrested for Defiant Trespassing. 


Fraud – Headquarters received a report regarding a fraud.  The victim stated that they are currently under contract for a real estate purchase and received an email from who they believed to be their Title company who would be handling the closing.  The email requested a wire for $25,000.00 to be sent to a Bank of America account.  The victim completed the wire transfer and contacted the Title company to find out the email request and bank account were fraudulent.  Detectives contacted Bank of America’s fraud investigation unit to freeze the funds that were transferred and found that the transfer was never completed due to the account that was to receive the funds had been suspended due to fraudulent activity.  The funds are in the pending process of being returned to the victim.  It was also found that the victim has continued to receive emails requesting an additional wire transfer to a different Bank of America account.  There were no other transactions conducted by the victim.  Investigation is ongoing.

Motor Vehicle Theft – Charles Street – Officers responded to the area in regards to a report of a stolen motorcycle.  The victim stated that the last observed their blue/white Suzuki road/off road motorcycle in their driveway in Sept of 2019.  After returning from Florida 3 weeks later the motorcycle was missing.  The bike was entered stolen and the Detective Bureau was notified of the incident. 


Property Damage – Franklin Avenue – Officers were directed to the area regarding a property damage to auto report.  The victim stated that they were traveling in traffic when a large tree limb fell on their vehicle and caused damaged to the hood.  There were large scuff and scratch marks on the passenger side of the hood, as well as the headlamp observed. Nutley Shade Tree was contacted, responded, and cleared the roadway from the debris. 

Property Damage – Wilmington Drive – Officers responded to the area in regards to a property damage report.  The homeowner found the outer glass of their rear sliding door shattered.  There were pieces of glass still falling and appeared to be consistent with an object striking it from the outside. The damage appeared to have happened recently.  The residents were home and did not hear any sound of glass breaking, nor it did not set off the home security system.


Suspicious Person – Funston Place – Officers responded to an area residence in regards to a suspicious person.  The caller stated that UPS delivered a package to their residence and they hadn’t ordered anything recently.  Upon inspecting the package, the victim noticed their name and address on the label.  An unknown male described as a white or Hispanic male, with dark color hair, 5’10” in height, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans approached the resident advising that he had a valid tracking number and that the package was his, the resident handed it over to him and found incident to be suspicious and contacted police.  Detectives advise that when a party steals or uses your identity to purchase an online product they attempt to intercept the delivery by tracking the package closely.


Criminal Mischief – Brookline Avenue – A report was taken in regards to past occurred criminal mischief incidents found on the church property.  Damage was observed to two (2) sections of fence and multiple posts that were removed from their joints.  The fence appeared to have been struck by a vehicle.  Additionally, a bench was reported as being damaged.  Officers observed two (2) legs on the bench were ripped from the ground.  It is not known when the bench was last observed intact.  The damage is estimated at possibly exceeding $500 to repair. 

Fraud – the victim reported that while reconciling their bills they noticed an unused card had two (2) $100 purchases on it.  The purchases were made back to back at a NYC Target.  The financial institution was contacted and canceled the card and will be replacing the victim with a new one.  The account was credited and the victim will not be responsible for any balances.  They were informed to contact the credit agencies for fraud alert.  No further action requested.


Dispute – Centre Street - Nutley Police responded to a Centre St. location regarding a dispute called in to our 911 call center. When Officers arrived two parties were actively engaged in an argument with visible signs of injury. As the officer approached the female actor identified as 50 y/o Rosamarie Prisco of Fort Lee assaulted the Nutley Officer. Minor injuries to the officer victim and actor were reported. Police arrested Prisco and charged her with Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, Simple Assault and Resisting Arrest. She was taken to police headquarters to be processed then transported to County Jail pending a court hearing.