Burglary – Police responding to suspicious persons call on the property of the old Hoffman La Roche site at 12: 30 AM found three parties fitting the description in the Township Park. Police questioned the three men who said they went on the property looking for a rest room.

Later that morning it was discovered that a storage facility on the site had been burglarized and tools, and material, found thrown over a nearby fence. Detectives investigating used the names of the three suspects found earlier by patrol and connected them to the burglary.  19 y/o Michael Almonte-Parades and Amin Espinosa of Belleville were charged with theft and conspiracy to commit burglary along with their 15 y/o accomplice from Nutley.

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Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud.  The victim stated that they purchased two MoneyGram money orders, totaling close to 1000.00.  Both were sent to a party in Livingston and later found the orders to have been whited out and written to different parties.  MoneyGram stated that one of the money orders was cashed in Richmond, VA. 

Criminal Mischief – River Road – Officers responded to the area in regards to a vehicle that had been scratched.  The victim pointed out damage which was observed along the entire passenger side front door and continued slightly onto the passenger rear door.  The victims were advised that if the actor/s should be found, they can sign a complaint with the Nutley Municipal Court.

Theft – Prospect Street -  Headquarters received a report of a missing bicycle.  The victim stated that the bike was 7 or 8 years old but had recently had the chain and brake system replaced and had an estimated worth of approximately $150.00.  It is believed to have been taken from the rear yard of the residence.

Found Gun- A Nutley resident working in their new home found a false panel wall with a 32. Caliber handgun stowed inside. The resident immediately turned it over to police for further investigation.


Township Ordinance – Municipal Lot #1 -  While investigating another incident a party was found to have been smoking in the designated non-smoking area of the walkway.  The party is known to be familiar with the ordinance, and was issued a Township Ordinance for the offense and advised of the mandatory Court date.  Nothing further.


Property Damage – Church Street – The resident contacted Police and stated that the tree outside their home was struck by a vehicle.  The Parks Department was contacted and removed the tree for the safety of the area.


Property Damage – River Road – Response was made to the area on the report of property damage.  The victim stated they noticed a scratch on their driver’s side door and believes it may have been hit by the vehicle next to their parking space when they opened their passenger door.  The party using the adjacent space was contacted and stated they did not hit the other vehicle.  It is unknown how the scratch happened.

Criminal Mischief- Police investigating seven incidents of criminal mischief Charged 21 y/o  Christian Providel. Providel a Nutley resident was investigated by Detectives and charged with the damage to multiple locations. Police continue to investigate additional charges for other suspects pending.


Injury- Police were called to a local restaurant when a customer who was leaving got his hand stuck in the door. EMS arrived to evaluate the injury, the injured party did not wish to be transported to the hospital.

Juvenile Arrest- Police arrested a 15 y/o juvenile for an outstanding warrant. The juvenile apparently violated a home detention order and was subsequently transported to the Essex County Youth House.


Harassment – Franklin Ave – Response was made to a Nutley store when a patron was being extremely rude to store employees. The manager advised that the patron was no longer allowed in their establishment and left without incident.

Motor Vehicle Stop- Police stopped a speeding motorist on Union Ave. The driver 26 y/o Jason Rosario of Nutley was found to have an outstanding warrant, and suspended driver’s license. He was placed under arrest and later released on his own recognizance by Wallington courts.

Fraud- A resident reported to police that he received a 32” television delivered to his home that he hadn’t ordered. The television was returned to the post office and later found that credit cards had been opened in his name.

Dog Left in Car- Police responded to a Franklin Ave business when a caller reported a dog left inside of a parked vehicle. The officer reported that the dog appeared to be in good health and was able to locate the owner. The owner unable to provide a valid license for the dog was issued a summons for failure to license.