Burglary to Vehicles ––Police investigating several burglaries to autos that occurred on May 24, on Walnut, Satterthwaite, and Rutgers, believed the actor to be the same person responsible for Elm and Wharton on the thirtieth. Police investigating a call from a Fitting Pl. resident reported that they heard a noise in their yard and confronted a man who allegedly assaulted him. The actor left proceeds from a burglary to auto on Elm in which the victim’s car window had been shattered with a large rock. The actor left proceeds after the assault and fled the area. Police are investigating.


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Theft – Darling Avenue – Victim advised Officers that they believed they left their i-Phone 8s on the counter of the convenience store and someone stole it.  The phone was described as having a black face and a pink case Police observed through video surveillance that a woman appears to have intentionally covered the phone while on the counter and walked off with it after victim left. Police are investigating.  The iPhone was valued at approximately $1,000.00.


Animal Incident – River Road – A party reported that they were bit by a dog at their complex about a month ago in the past.  The dog’s owner stated that they did not believe their dog bit the victim but rather jumped up to get petted and in doing so scratched the victim’s leg ripping their pants.  The owner was not able to produce a dog license and was issued a Township Ordinance for Unlicensed Dog. 


Property Damage – Hawthorne Avenue – Headquarters received a call regarding a front storm door that was found shattered.  Upon arrival Officers observed the glass on the storm door was broken.    Their security system alarm never activated and there was no sign of anyone attempting to gain entry into the home or any other damage to the rest of the house.  It was found that the damage was unintentional by the landscaping crew that was at the property earlier.  A rock from the property had kicked up and broke the glass in the storm door.  Assistance was given to the homeowner cleaning up the broken glass.  No further information. 


Theft – Warren Street – Officers responded to the area in regards to a party transporting copper wire via a dolly.  After speaking with the party, Eric Cosgrove, 23, of Nutley, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  The estimated value of the wire was approximately $1,200.00. He was charged with Theft of Movable Property and Burglary.  Mr. Cosgrove was advised of his Court date and released from custody.

Motor Vehicle Stop – Bloomfield Avenue – A motor vehicle stop was initiated that resulted in one of the parties being taken into custody due to an outstanding warrant out of Jersey City.  Anthony Leone, 33, of Nutley was transported to Headquarters, able to pay the appropriate fee, advised to contact Jersey City Courts, and released from custody. 


Theft from Motor Vehicle – Hastings Avenue – The victim reported to Police that they noticed multiple items taken out of their center console and placed on the front seats.    There was no forced entry observed to the vehicle.  It was found to have been left unsecured in the driveway.  Detective Bureau was notified and will further the investigation.


Stolen Motor Vehicle  – Nutley Avenue – Officers responded to the area in regards to a missing motor vehicle.  The victim stated they looked out their window and saw that their vehicle was no longer in the driveway.  The only keys for the car were still in possession of the owner.  Inside the vehicle were items estimated to be worth $3,300.  Vehicle was placed into Police Data Base for stolen vehicles, and remains under investigation.

Fraud – Victim stated that they received a call from John at the Verizon Fraud Department who advised he noticed two iPhones and two lines opened using the victim’s account information that were being shipped to Georgia.  “John” stated he would have a supervisor go to the victim’s home and pick up the two iPhones the next day.  The victim declined that service and asked why they could not drop them off themselves to a local Verizon store.  The caller stated that they had to be picked up by a supervisor.  It should be noted that during the call “John” gave the victim a case number.  The victim contacted Verizon on their own and explained the call and the case numbers.  The Verizon rep stated they do not use case numbers and that there were two iPhones ordered using all of the victim’s account information and that also the notifications were turned off.  It was advised that the actor/s also has access to the victim’s social security number.  The victim advised Officers that they would be contacting their bank regarding the situation.  A call was placed to the call back number given on the initial call that was found to not be a Verizon contact. 

Animal Complaint- Kingsland Ave- Police were called to the area of Kinglsand Ave in report of  multiple deceased geese in the roadway. Police reported nine dead geese and four injured were along the roadside. A veterinarian was able to take all the geese to her facility for them to be properly disposed of and the others to be treated. It appears they were struck by a passing motorist.


Suspicious Person – Harrison St – Police questioned a 31 y/o man from Newark who was sleeping near the 3rd River at 1:30 AM. He told police he missed his ride and was spending the night there. Police were able to assist him.