BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Bridgewater Township Police are investigating a report of a damaged and burglarized Toyota Prius, according to this week's police blotter.

According to the report, on June 26, a 2017 Toyota Prius was damaged and burglarized. The front passenger window to the vehicle was smashed by an unknown object, and a bag containing a men's gold watch was taken from the front passenger seat.

Police made other arrests for trespassing and more at the end of June.

  • Tre Thigpen, 21, of Bridgewater, was issued a complaint summons June 15 for defiant trespass after he returned to a previous location that he had been banned from on two separate occasions.
  • Jimmy Gutierrez-Mendoza, 18, of Bogota, was arrested June 20 for possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana in his vehicle.
  • According to police, an unknown Hispanic or white male exited a Jeep Grand Cherokee with an unknown NJ registration June 22, walked into the convenience store of the Raceway Gas Station and stole 39 scratch lottery tickets, worth $420.
  • Police reported that on June 21, two Honda CR-V vehicles were vandalized on Sunny Slope Road. According to the report, someone removed the vehicle's sensor package from behind the front grill of the vehicle. The sensors, police said, are responsible for a number of safety features on the vehicles.