Linda Yianolatos, Author of eight children’s books is teaching children valuable life lessons in her “Crystal City” children’s books series. In her new book, “The Fairy Trail Room”, four cousins are taken by Red Carpet to another Crystal City building.  There they meet the beautiful lady in the long white dress who takes them to the Fairy Trail Room.  Once in the room they meet fairies and gnomes and follow many different paths on the trail.  They learn that if you are happy, it doesn’t matter what path you are on, you will always find your way.

Lessons in the other books of the series include:  -- When you focus on your dreams and goals, the steps needed to achieve them will appear. – We should all live together in peace and harmony.  -- It wouldn’t be fun if we all were the same and thought alike. – When you hold on to anger, you may miss the best experiences of your life.  – When you give to others, it will make you feel good and it will come back to you two fold.

Parents, teachers and school librarians like the idea that fantasy and magical adventures result in moral lessons for young readers. The stories are fun to read and can be read out of sequence.  Linda Yianolatos is committed to getting her books into more schools in the near future.

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 Linda  (Frank) Yianolatos is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA).  She is a retired Chief Financial Officer of a New Jersey Hospital, and has been a Finance professional for over 30 years.  

Family traditions and gatherings have always been important to Linda and her children.  They and her grandchildren continue to create special memories with each other and with their extended family.   All of the “pre-Crystal City” events in the Crystal City series were created from Linda’s memories of some of those special times. The characters in the books are named after her grandchildren.  She said that “My grandchildren have loved these stories for years.  My hope is that other children will too.”  Read more at

 Linda Yianolatos lived in South Orange, N.J. for 30 years and currently lives in Kenilworth N.J. with her husband.  They also own a home in Beach Haven, NJ.  Her daughter lives nearby with her husband and two daughters, Carmella and Clara.  Her son lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two sons, Sam and Max.  

Linda Yianolatos can be reached at or through the Crystal City website