CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Mascot Books announces the release of To Every Page A Turning: One Life’s Journey, a historical novel written by Carl Buccellato.

When Carl Buccellato was clearing old files out from his garage, he came across boxes of journals and scribbles that served as a means of capturing memories. At the urging of his wife, Buccellato compiled his various papers and drafted a single book of them.

To Every Page A Turning: One Life’s Journey, recommended by the US Review of Books, is a fictitious story that leans heavily on Buccellato’s personal experiences. Born and raised in an Italian household in Brooklyn, Buccellato grew up as the child of an alcoholic in near poverty conditions, but eventually experienced great success as an adult, despite medical struggles that left him dealing with divorce and substance abuse.

“While many will read it as a biography of the author, it is not,” said Buccellato. “In my mind, it is more of a historical novel depicting the lives and impact of the generation following World War II, and through the remainder of the twentieth century. It is a composite of many people and events over several decades.”

A parallel to Buccellato’s own life, the main character in To Every Page A Turning: One Life’s Journey considers the trials and tribulations throughout his life, beginning in the 1950s. Traveling through hope, a great cause, disenchantment, hopelessness, discovery, and rebirth, the novel also recounts the travel of a generation as they move through time.

“People can sense my heart in the book,” said Buccellato. “To Every Page A Turning is the product of 50 years of journaling and notes. Every single event in the book is true.”

Buccellato hopes the book inspires readers and emphasizes that they can overcome anything that life has in store for them.

“I came above many setbacks, but I’m thriving now,” Buccellato said. “I am a faith-filled man, very confident that God took me through these things for a reason. If you strive to overcome, you can succeed and put your issues behind you. There’s always a better life ahead.”

To Every Page A Turning: One Life’s Journey is Buccellato’s first book. From humble beginnings in Brooklyn, Buccellato became the CEO of a publicly traded company and inked a multimillion-dollar deal in the board room of AIG, then the largest insurance company in America. In 1984, he was invited to become a member of the Presidential Council of 100. He served three different presidents during his time on the council: presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton. Today, Carl has four children and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He resides in Coral Springs, Florida, with his wife, Mary Ellen.

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