Sparta Board of Education Special Meeting

Posted February 27, 2019

BOE Sign (4).JPG
BOE Sign (4).JPG

In accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, Public Law 1975, Chapter 231, notice is hereby given that the Sparta Township Board of Education will hold a Special Meeting on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 7:00 pm for the purpose of approving the 2019-2020 tentative budget for submission to the County Office. This meeting will be held at the Mohawk Avenue School Auditorium, 18 Mohawk Avenue, Sparta, NJ. The Board reserves the right to take action and the public is invited to attend.

Pamela L. Hinman R.S.B.A. S.F.O. Business Administrator/Board Secretary

Contact Information
  1. Pamela Hinman