Well, it was bound to happen. At some point, the hosts' wives were going to make an appearance on the podcast that celebrates suburban dad life. This is that point. 

Coach Randy and Adam D listen (and speak when it's appropriate) as their wives Jessica Nathan and Michelle Shandler, respectively, share stories and observations about their husbands as dads. The ladies discuss first dates, what their men are good at, where's there's room for improvement, and theories like "The United Front" and "Husbands Need to Go First." (Spoiler alert: Taking your kids to Starbucks at 9 pm on a school night? Not recommended.)

Coach Randy and Adam D also marvel about those obscure sports featured on cable networks on Sundays when the NFL airs on the major networks. 

It's Season 2, Episode 10: Dad Mamma Jamma, streaming now wherever you find podcasts.