Art comes in many forms. And so do artists! 

This week, Coach Randy and Adam D. welcome West Orange painter, graffiti artist, and dad Brian Convery to "The Den."  When creating and exhibiting his works, Brian goes by the nom d'arte "Booey McBooerson".

"Booey definitely brought something different than what most guests bring to our podcast," says co-host Adam D. "In fact, he brought a couple of his paintings, so you might say he literally brought more than most guests do."

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Convery, or McBooerson, exhibits many of his works at shows in New Jersey as well as New York City. 

"It's incredible that this guy has the focus to spend 250 hours on one painting," says co-host Coach Randy. "As you'll hear in the interview, it's amazing what one trip to Italy can inspire." 

Bad to the Dad: Season 3, Episode 6, "Daddy Warhol," can be downloaded at or wherever you find your podcasts.