BB is a lovely, intelligent Arabian mare. Life can be pretty quiet at home and she had become bored with the daily routine. She discussed this with her owner, animal communicator Anita Curtis and she decided that she would like to give advice to animals who were having problems. Due to opposable thumb problems, Curtis agreed to do the typing and computer work as long as she was allowed to give her opinion, too.

BB reluctantly gave in to that demand, as long as Curtis kept her part brief. 

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Hello Readers,

I am not answering a question this month. Instead, I am voicing a concern. We often have visitors and we enjoy meeting new humans. However, when we met this human foal we were shocked and dismayed. She is about eight moons old and cannot even stand, let alone walk! You can see in the photos that we are each examining her hooves carefully. Neither of us had ever seen anything like those hooves! She seemed to be a sweet, gentle foal, which made our hearts go out to her even more.

First of all humans have chosen to walk and run in an upright position. Why? I could move out in a slow trot on my four legs and beat you in any race. Now you show me this human filly who will probably never stand upright let alone balance herself on those weird hooves. What have you people done to yourselves?!?

When Cordie and I voiced our fears to Anita she had the nerve to tell us that this filly was fine and would be upright – and walking – in a few more moons. What an imagination that one has!

Please folks, adjust your breeding programs to improve these important hooves and get yourselves back into a normal four-on-the-floor position.

- BB

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