A positive mindset is a key indicator for success in life. Cultivating a more positive outlook will take some time and effort, but you are worth it. If you have been feeling stuck in your life, it’s time to look within to deal with the issues that are causing you to have a negative perspective. 

By being honest and doing this internal work, you can transform your mindset and start living your best life. Here are several important questions that can create a seismic shift to more positive thinking.

Am I happy being where I am today? 

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This question shows how positive and contented you are. Believing that you are happy can increase your happiness and contentment. It can also give you the confidence and positive attitude for anything that you wish to achieve. Do you see the glass as half empty, or half full? Full is the positive perspective. 

Am I attractive and appealing to others? 

Our appearance and self-care reflect our inner state of mind and attitude about ourselves. You do not need to "stop traffic", but you should certainly be neat, clean, well-groomed and reasonably stylish in coordinated clothing. If you want to do well at work, you need to look the part. Crumpled khakis and baggy sweats just won’t cut it, no matter how "business casual" it is supposed to be.

Attractiveness is also an attitude or state of mind. Look at all the gorgeous people on the red carpet at awards shows. You don't have to look that way all the time, but you can cultivate an attitude of feeling that good wherever you go forward with a big, sincere smile and the right fashion choices for the different occasions in your life.

If you struggle with your weight, think positively. It’s in YOUR hands. YOU decide what to eat, how much to work out, and so on. 

What does success look like for me? 

Success can be defined in a variety of ways, all of them personal and unique to you as an individual. Once you define success, you can take positive action steps to achieve it. With each success, you will develop a more positive mindset. If you don’t know what drives you or sets your pulse racing, approach life like a buffet. Try everything until you identify your favorite dishes and how they make you feel happy and positive. 

Also, be aware that definitions of success change over time. When you are in high school, you want to graduate and get into college, and perhaps even get a scholarship. Once you have done that, you might set your sights on graduate school. 

At work you might want the title of X. Once you achieve it, success might be getting title Y or Z. Journal about your goals and aspirations and see how the positive energy can attract the kind of success that you desire. 

What motivates me to succeed? 

Understanding your motives will help you push through even during the tough times. For some, their purpose on this earth will be to save the whales or take on an orphanage in India. For others, it will be something as simple as wanting to make sure that they are able to provide for all the needs of their family. 

Knowing what you want and why will help define your goals, and the things that you are prepared to do in order to achieve them. 

Developing a positive attitude affects your career and personal success, so take some time to look within and see areas in which you can shift out of a negative mindset and take action to live a life of abundance.