Working from home is the dream for many people. You can set your own schedule, take breaks when you need to, and have the flexibility to take care of kids, pets, and parents. However, working from home can also lead to procrastination, a lack of motivation, and a fuzzy feeling of always being at work but never really working. To make working at home work for you, try these tips. 

Make a Schedule and Stick to It

While the glory of working from home is that you can work around other commitments, you still need to put in so many hours a week. Create a schedule for when you’ll work and stick to it. 

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Take Proper Breaks

While some people struggle to get work done from home, others struggle to stop doing it. If your computer is always on, it’s hard to stop checking emails or working on that report. In the long term, constantly working leads to stress and burnout. Instead, put in a solid day’s work, and then step away from the computer entirely. 

Create an Office Space and a Home Space

While it can be tempting to work from home on the couch and in your pajamas, it’s important to mentally and physically separate the work day from the home day. Designate a space for your work materials, get dressed properly, and start work just like you’d clock in at the office. When you’ve put in your time, shut down your workspace, and be at home. If you don’t have a separate office, try blocking off your work space with a curtain or folding screen. 

Connect with Colleagues

For many people, work is a source of social connection, and people who work from home miss that that camaraderie. Make sure that you are still connecting with your colleagues, whether by email, Slack (, or conference call. 

If you work by yourself, join industry groups and local meet-ups with professionals in your field. Co-working spaces can also give you a social boost. Connecting with others regularly can help keep your motivation high. 

In our next article, we're going to talk about how to stay motivated when you are studying.