One way to attract your audience is to use their emotions. Now, remember emotions aren’t just happy, sad, and angry. There are many subtle emotions that you can use to get your audience to do what you want them to do because you know it’s for their own good due to the value you bring to them. You may want them to feel safe and that eventually all their problems will be solved, and that is a legitimate emotion.

Find the Right Words

Every audience has their own preferred language. This includes the words people like to use that mean something to them, as well as their voice and tone. Often this has to do with their values, so it’s important to understand the right words. 

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When you want to evoke emotion, try words that bring out those feelings. For example, "free", "satisfied", and "blessed" are all words that evoke a pleasant feeling but for each person, it will be a little different. 

Speak from Your Heart 

When you write, it’s important to speak from your heart. You don’t have to worry as much about grammar and technical information as you do about your audience getting your meaning. You want them to understand you enough to follow what you want them to do, but do it in a heart-centered way.

Tell them why you started your business. You wanted to help people with their problem so that they don't have that problem anymore. That you’re so lucky to make money getting to help people this way. Of course, only say this if you do feel that way.

Understand Who They Are

Knowing your audience is probably one of the most important ways for you to know how to trigger their emotions. If you know who they are, what keeps them up at night, and what makes them smile, laugh and shake in fear, you can write better and more emotional copy that gets amazing results. 

Don’t forget to use images with your posts too. Images can help bring more life and meaning to the words you choose. You can do this; you’ve got this. You will do this.