It’s what keeps us going to push through tasks and achieve our goals. However, sometimes, like the country song says, "it feels like my get-up-and-go has got up and went". When your motivation is nowhere to be found, what can you do? Over the next several days, read this series of articles to help you stay motivated when you aren’t feeling it. 

Let’s look at Motivation Tips for Staying on a Weight-Loss Program

Even with weekly Weight Watcher meetings, a weight-loss journey can be tough.  However, here are some tips to make it easier. 

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Make Sure Your Goal Is Realistic

For the best chance at maintaining weight loss, experts recommend losing anywhere from half to two pounds per week. It’s possible to lose more than that temporarily (with extreme measures), but you are likely to be miserable, and gain the weight back. Slow and steady wins the race!

Have Goals Beyond Weight Loss

Are you working to get healthier? Fitter? Stronger? Do you want to keep up with your kids, or live to 100? Goals surrounding your health, mood, and fitness can be more positive motivators than simply watching the scale go down. 

Watch Other Metrics Beyond the Scale

Have your doctor test your blood pressure, blood sugar, lipids, cholesterol, and other health markers. A positive change in any of these measures means your health and longevity are improving — a reason to celebrate! 

Don’t Depend on Willpower

Contrary to popular opinion, willpower isn’t a virtue that can be practiced. It’s a finite resource, and it often runs out by the end of day. Most dieters have experienced this effect. After a day of green tea and salad, they hit the fridge at midnight. Instead of depending on willpower, plan your day to avoid temptation. 

For example, don’t keep foods that tempt you to break your diet in the house. Pre-plan your meals for the week and carry a healthy meal and snack with you when you go out. The more you can rely on planning and habit instead of willpower, the better off you will be. 

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Don’t Adopt an All-or-Nothing Mindset

People often give up on a weight loss plan after indulging in one meal of "forbidden" food. However, just because you have a treat or two outside your food plan, doesn't mean you have ruined your weight loss. There will be times — maybe a meal, maybe a day, maybe even a week or two — when you deviate from your eating plan. That’s ok! Simply return to your regular, healthy and sensible eating plan as soon as you can. 

Exercise is a topic that goes hand-in-hand with sensible weight loss. Next time, we'll give some helpful motivational tips when you're on an exercise program.