One of the best things you can do as a business owner is to retain your humanity so that you can connect with others on a deeper level. Connecting with your audience and customers on social media is one way you can become more human to them. Doing this means that you can build a relationship with them that promotes trust so that they get to know and like you. 

* Share Awesome Content – Make the content relevant, tell a story, use the right keywords and speak directly to your audience of one.

* Respond to Your Audience – Go to your social platforms and take time each day to respond to your audience with comments, liking their comments, thanking them, and even using their comments to start a new discussion.

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* Incentivize User-Generated Content – Ask questions and prompt discussion about various issues when it is relevant. The more discussions you can generate in a thread, the better - whether a blog post, comment section, or a post comment section on the social platform.

* Ask Customers for Testimonials – This is a fabulous example of user-generated content. Ask every customer for a testimonial. Make it part of your process to send an email asking for it after a period. Also, have a link on your site that is clearly for testimonials.

* Use Straightforward Titles, Headlines and Subject Lines – People learn if you’re often hyperbolic or tricky. They will stop clicking and sharing and they’ll leave. Don’t do that to your audience. 

* Show Your Personality – Remember to be as human as you really are. When appropriate, let them in a little behind the scenes so they can see that you’re clearly a real person and not a nameless, faceless corporation. 

* Use Consistent Branding – Don’t get messy about your branding. Watermark your images, and use consistent words with consistent meaning. Keep your brand voice the same on all platforms.

* Be Consistent – Don’t disappear from social media for days on end. If you are going on vacation or something, schedule some updates with automation. You may want to share something personal while you’re gone to humanize it even more. 


Outside of using copywriting and text-based content to provide this information to your audience, you can add images, video, and even live streaming to your copywriting efforts. Video and live interaction get a lot of results. 

Want to tap into your audience’s emotions on social media, including why you should and how you can do it? It’s easier than you think. We'll talk about it next time.