As you study your metrics, you probably need to know what really matters. After all, why bother with anything until it matters? So, let’s get into the metrics you should care the most about and how you can use that information to improve your copywriting and your results.

Click-Through versus Action

If you get lots of click-throughs to an offer but no one takes the offer, you can compare the blurb you used on social media to your sales page copy and try to see what the disconnect might be. You could have written the blurb better than you wrote the copy on the sales page. In that case, you can test out some changes on the sales page and run the blurb again. 

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But another problem might be that you’re attracting the wrong audience with your blurb to give them the information. Try setting it up differently to see if you get clicks and action taken by your audience with the change. 


When you want to try to get more shares for your social media updates, you can usually look for the metrics on each post. But some more advanced insights will also offer information about sharing. If you want to increase shares and you’re not asking people to share, try asking to see if you notice more people sharing. 

If you are asking for shares and they still won’t, try improving your headline and blurb with better copywriting by appealing to the fact that they like you, or that they want to win something. Or you can try adding an image or a video to the copy because that will often help get more attention on social media. 

Remember that the words you use matter. When you change the words, you’re going to get a different result. Note those results so that you can be more consistent with your audience in the voice you use for your business. This will come about almost naturally as you practice and improve your writing and write each blurb, headline, subject line, and update with thought, using keywords and topics that your audience cares about. 

One way to engage better with your audience is to really know who they are and what they want. A way to do this is to pay attention to them and study them. Don’t miss the next article because that’s what we are going to talk about.