Many people hear the phrase "an abundant life", and immediately think about wealth. They picture a big house, fancy car, luxury vacations and more. But the truth is that you can live an abundant life even if you have none of these things. It is all a question of mindset.

Your mind is the creator of all. Your perceptions shape your experience. If you feel like you are living an abundant life with many good things in it - job, family, friends - you will be much more content and prosperous. 

If you focus on what you don’t have - a lack of something (real or perceived), you will not feel as though you are living an abundant life and end up discontent and envious of others. A good example of this is people who try to keep up with the Joneses (whoever they are!), constantly looking around at their neighbors and wanting all that they have, and more.

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Abundance Is About More Than Wealth

So, abundance isn’t just about wealth. It is also about living a meaningful life in which we feel appreciated and fulfilled. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to a better job, for example. You might really want a promotion and claw your way to the top to get it, only to discover you’ve lost your spouse and kids because you were never there for them.

You might switch companies in order to gain the promotion and end up with a longer commute, a difficult boss, or people who don’t appreciate all you can bring to the company, but rather, resent you because you are an outsider and they were all after that job. They will not be team players or give their best - or worst of all, try to undermine you and make you look like a failure.

Start with Yourself

If you have ever felt undermined, or done it to another person, you can understand how it comes from a lack mindset rather than an abundant one. An abundant mindset says that there is plenty to go around for everyone and that it is just a case of finding the right fit. 

It is about starting where you are right now in your life and taking some time to appreciate all you have. Once you begin to do this, you will be surprised at how many things start to come to you more easily. This is because your entire mindset will change, so you will be projecting a more positive vibe.


You will begin to feel like you are living your best life, and in turn, feeling willing to help others live theirs. For example, if you do get that raise, consider giving at least part of it to your favorite charity. After all, you won’t miss what you never had in your hands in the first place. Those in need will benefit and you will get a significant tax deduction at the end of each year.

The Secret of the Secret

The reason the book "The Secret" resonated with so many people when it was first published was that it showed many people were longing for a more abundant life and exhausting themselves trying to get it. The main reason "The Secret" works is because of a positive shift in your energy and focus to what you are grateful for, not what you lack.

If you are constantly feeling you are "a day late and a dollar short", it's time to start cultivating an outlook of abundance in your life and see what a difference it can make to your mindset and level of prosperity.