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    “E” is for Entrepreneurship

    By Peggy McHale | May 5, 2015

    Entrepreneurs are drivers to discovering tomorrow’s innovation. They are pivotal in keeping both our society and economy thriving. ...

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    Spring Cleaning For The Small Business

    By Peggy McHale | April 17, 2015

    Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to start cleaning! Now is a great time to assess what needs to be organized, what can b...

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    Videos, The Modern Resume

    By Peggy McHale | March 11, 2015

    Not all recruiters are requiring video resumes today, but this has become an acceptable format for candidates for selected jobs. Video...

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    Winter Events For Clients

    By Peggy McHale | February 25, 2015

    It’s the dead of winter and you are in the process of brainstorming new ways to reach out to your clients. You want to different...

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    Beat the Weather: Making the Best of the Winter Season

    By Peggy McHale | February 5, 2015

    With the changing season comes a changing mood. Don’t let your business fall into hibernation mode. The winter season presents t...

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    The New Year Kick Off

    By Peggy McHale | January 22, 2015

    A new year brings out the question, what principles would you like to apply to your small business? Sure you have your business plan f...

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    Holiday Parties Beware!

    By Peggy McHale | December 19, 2014

    It’s the end of the year and everybody has worked hard. A holiday party is on the way and the team certainly deserves it. It wil...

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    The Pros and Cons of Working Virtually

    By Peggy McHale | November 17, 2014

    Let’s face it working from home is great. Not having to participate in the morning commute or worrying about wardrobe is a huge ...

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    Is It Too Early To Start Working on Your 2015 Plan?

    By Peggy McHale | November 4, 2014

    No! In fact, now is the best time to start working on the plan. You have two months until 2015. This is plenty of time to gather relev...

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    Getting the Most Out Of LinkedIn

    By Peggy McHale | September 19, 2014

    LinkedIn is now an essential tool for anybody in the business world. It’s a self-sustaining way to keep tabs on your clients and...

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    Starting Off September

    By Peggy McHale | September 4, 2014

    Contrary to popular belief, the start of September is an opportune time to reach out to clients. The following are quick conversation ...

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    Tips For Women Who Want To Lead

    By Peggy McHale | July 31, 2014

      Much has been written lately about women and leadership. While women have not made much progress in their attempt to gain a...

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    Creating A Dynamic Company Culture

    By Peggy McHale | July 23, 2014

      Creating a place where people want to work should be important to every small business owner. Offering incentives such as h...

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    Do's and Don’ts For The Summer Internship

    By Peggy McHale | July 6, 2014

      Interns are well into their summer position by now. While most have made progress in treading the waters and learning the r...

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    Casual Business Dress, What Is It?

    By Peggy McHale | June 12, 2014

      The term ‘Business Casual’ or ‘Casual Business Dress’ can puzzle anybody at some point in their pro...

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    Seven Simple Ways For Staying Fit While Working 60 Hours A Week

    By Peggy McHale | May 15, 2014

    The demands of the workplace are changing. It’s a fast paced world and the average worker now works many more hours. Couple thes...

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    Spring Clean Your Business

    By Peggy McHale | April 18, 2014

      For those of us in the Northeast, this has been an exhausting winter.  Now is the time to cast-off the lethargy from t...

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    Conquering your Job Interview

    By Peggy McHale | March 7, 2014

    Congratulations, you have made it past the initial round of resume review and you are now scheduled for a face-to-face interview with ...

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    Making the Most of Networking Events

    By Peggy McHale | February 13, 2014

    How many of you are comfortable walking into a room full of unfamiliar faces?    Not many, yet networking is essential ...

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    The Do’s and Don’ts of a Phone Interview

    By Peggy McHale | January 17, 2014

    To some people a phone interview might sound simple.  You don’t have to worry about what to wear, the train schedule, traff...

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    Social Networking Mistakes to Avoid

    By Peggy McHale | December 6, 2013

    Posting content on social networking sites is an easy, efficient, and effective way to boost your company’s marketing and PR str...

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    Must Have Mobile Business Apps

    By Peggy McHale | October 22, 2013

    Many of us use our smartphones and tablets more and more to do business while on the go.   Mobile business apps are not only...

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    Tips for Navigating LinkedIn Successfully

    By Peggy McHale | September 26, 2013

    LinkedIn is a powerful social networking tool for the business world.  Not only does it help you make business connections, but i...

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    What Can You Do Now to Make Your End-of-Year Goals?

    By Peggy McHale | August 27, 2013

    Summer is drawing to a close, the kids are heading back to school, and your employees are shaking off the remnants of a blissful vacat...

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    Employer Mandate Penalties Delayed

    By Peggy McHale | August 1, 2013

    On July 2, 2013, the U.S. Treasury Department announced that the implementation of the Pay or Play Rules of the Affordable Care Act (A...

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